Peking University Development, New Plate Specialty Your Lijian Su Suchang: Nothing to see their own land 9-ann-1 election campaign Today's NOWnews News

N2018112001 Interview with Su Shichang Acura
▲ Sh Shhang said he dealt so much land without a trip to his own land. Unlike Hou Youyi, he did not even. He made the land already ahead, and went to the side to give a policy to set up a number of problems. (Su Shichang's photos / offices are supplied)

Democratic candidate Democrat candidate New Delhi, Su Shichang, went to the Yingge District team to clear the streets today. Candidates for New Taipei Town Councils at Kuomintang questioned the gold stream outside the base, and asked him to help his daughter Su Qiaohui. What is the view of the winding road? Su Shichang replied that the Xinbei Municipal Government's Education Bureau of the authority is able to say that everything is dealt with by regulations.

Su Shichang said that the best support award was given to the Overseas Foundation for education, children and children. Over the years, he has contacted hundreds of schools and 100,000 students, not just in films, pictures, records, but also in finance. Open and transparent, they all make public benefit; Su Shichang's words turned a bit of arrogance, Hou Viyi, a new Kuomintang chief executive, did not make money out of their household tax, & # 39; stand up the test, and stand up.

Lanying Town Councils purchased Su Shichang quiz in the term of the County of Taipei Central. Special Special Heating at Peking University's Special Area and Special Board Center and profit-making campaign. Su Shichang, when he was a county magistrate in Taipei, developed land for the County of Taipei, expanded greatly in the whole of Taipei County, and got over 400 hectares of public land free of charge , saving over 150 billion public funds and its; provides very good places to the place. Scope.

Su Shichang said that in the Peking University Special Administration Department, not only is the University of Taipei based, but even Elementary Zhongyuan school and the country with a peach. He also manages so much land without a trip to his own land, compared to Hou Youyi, who has not yet done. I've been buying the land first, and I have to go to the side to open a policy for different situations. I will stand up and say, "Who is it, and who is a citizen in a new Taipei, who will bring judgment right away!"

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