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The aims are tangible, the story is amazing; A battle bridge is very good, but it's still enough to fight, "Alita: Battle Angel" is a "#; plays "Avatar" gold billions of James Cameron and the sale of the original "selling point" team was created. In fact, it is more like the production team without knowing how to configure and disable it; collecting car configuration. Sometimes amazing scenes make the other paragraphs worse and worse; putting the listeners into. The statement is even more difficult. In addition to recording & retrieving a & # 39; IP spending, there is no reason for this movie to be there.

It was developed and was a representative by James Cameron (amended fromStory")), led by Roberto Legz," Alita: Fighting Angels "describing the world after hundreds of years, the human society is different, and the population is high living in the cloud city, and others living in the scattered township on the ground. Certainly alive. Skilled doctor found a broken body equivalent in the rubbish and gave her a new life. A girl who has "Alita" remembers the ability to change the whole world.

Like the hero's body in the movie, "Alita: Fighting Angels" is made from inside, and it is common of the parts; already. The film emphasizes Cameroon involvement, but Cameron has no consistency of consistency on accountable integrity (Cameron may have difficulties, but at least a few people in Hollywood know, like , how important the transliteration and its border is). There is not a strong visual imagination of Cameron. Most of the time, just a combination of sci-fi movies. Here's a bit of "Blade Runner", a bit of "New York Escape", and sometimes "Idle Fast" (?) Cois, full of old resources of science fiction films for fifty years. It also makes people even more grateful, whatever the tale is filled with all kinds of problems, such as flower removal, tiger heads and tail, and even the horse's head, one of the screen writers, Leta Carlo Gridis, a & # 39; first "Carbon Change" of the record. The "respect" is close to copying electrons, so that the stomach can look at the movie.

And even though the story is not the focus ever (whether to see the director's name, there is no need for a lot of subject for the story), "Elita: Battle Angel" is also a strong water for her. Most of the influences of the entertainment. To be right, the biggest problem with this movie is to leave the adult gap and the movie in a semi-finished state.

For more than two hours, about fifteen minutes, "Alita: Fighting Angels" is all needed for classical: a special artistic style, flowing movements, simple reasons but a & # 39; affecting character characters, and an audience's unbelievable awareness, the second competition between Elita and the enemy in the movie was very wild, and the trust was dead. The scenes in the final were also a & # 39; grow so tall and so interesting; but in a further half, Ellie Towers: The Angels Fighting are responsible for special free effects (such as Rosa Salazar, but the visual impact of this film is made as "The Adventures of Tintin"), the amazing story of love , the smiling smile The changing relationship of characters, as well as the difficult world that looks, as well as a group of players of good players but not playing, including Maheshhara Ali.

In addition, Luo Luo Li Ge Ge was always sitting, hanging on the style and control of a budget to overcome the director's statement, the strength is to be able to; Most of them, not the pattern or the depth, I let go over Cameron, these should be the largest One of the invasive options, but also a third of The final back of the movie, although expected, is still uncertain. The final "opening" of the film, as well as a large number of reporting lines and confidentiality, whether it is too encouraging or budget constraints, even more common, to burn audience expectations, and a & # 39; burn the book. The only thing that has a good idea.

"Alita: Battle Angel" is like food without any side. The main course may not have anything to do, but the entrance has a good shutter, but it's a bit; It costs a lot of money, but it's not food or damaged. Greater dispute. If you want to create a complete series with this movie, why not make sure that the listeners are willing to complete their first program?

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