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News Agency / NOWnews

President of Tyne, who was a reporter at Central News, Gu Yu, Taipei, the 18th president, Tsai Ing-wen did not ever accept the phrase "Taiwan Taiwan" and not accept the statement.

Cai President made the statement above on Facebook in the evening.

Cai President said she is proud of the Golden Gold Award, which shows Taiwan is different from China in freedom and diversity, and this is the paradise where it can be hear everybody's art.

Cai President said that this spirit is the Gold Horse Award. Taiwan welcomes all film makers to come to Taiwan to make an exchange job. No one will be avoided here or be convicted of different ideas, and there will be no hesitant words that will be blocked on the internet. This is Taiwan. However, I hope that those who visit the freedom of the air will enjoy and respect the views of Taiwan's people.

She said that Taiwan is a democratic and open society and has freedom of speech. However, yesterday's leader Fu Wei and Facebook Minister of Culture, Zheng Lijun, have flooded a variety of languages ​​of hate and hatred; anti-bullying internet of this kind. People who express their views freely should not be threatened or endangered.

The 55th Golden Horse Awards won a awards ceremony at the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei last night. Among them, "youth, in Taiwan" won the best documentary. Fu Yu's director said: "I hope that one of our countries will be regarded as genuine Independents are looking at, this is my biggest desire for Taiwanese." Attacked a Chinese net line; Chinese leader Zhang Yimou and Chinese actress, Tu Yi, who was Speaking on the last year's platform, talk about "China" several times. Film "and" China Taiwan ". (Editor: Su Zhizong) 1071118

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