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Du Fu / Professor of Taiwan University, Alumni

Although the president of Taiwan chose the storm, although the old minister Ye Junrong agreed to go in for peace, the play may only be regarded as a stop; It is not resolved.

The National University of Taiwan presented a review report to the Ministry of Education on the 25th. The most important issue for the president of the National University of Taiwan is the selection process: one of the candidates and the election committee is the director and vice-chair of the University of Taiwan, and the first is a member of the compensation committee, t who stand for the second person's earnings. This interest is 100 times worse than the "previous papers" in the academic world. Since the election committee asked whether they should publish the papers, real problems must "decide candidates to choose committee members" open.

With regard to the selection process, “publication” is a form of openness to actively keep the system's balance; on the other hand, if there is information to shame that has not been reported specifically, the information between the applicants and elected members is not equal. A big issue in the selection process. For example, a member of an open committee may indicate the views of other candidates during the meeting, to identify the appropriate importance of a particular applicant. The effect of that vote is not the result of any vote and of two votes, and the whole selection process does not have confidence, the question of fairness is questioned, and almost without any correction.

Mr Guanzhong's apology is: (1) that the independent director is public information, (2) that the method of election is not recommended as to be intended for Cai Mingxing's and (3) has not demonstrated the Academia Sinica's identity. However, these are inappropriate analyzes and achievements. (1) A paper guidance relationship is, in fact, public information, but the disclosure of information does not necessarily mean that members of another select committee are aware of it, so it must be stated. (2) It is the moral obligation to show the relationship to guarantee the fairness of the procedure and it is not possible to prepare it within the provisions. For example, three parents are the rules of the election.WaitIt is necessary to declare, but if the two have been living together for 10 years and sleeping together each day, although it is not necessary to represent three parents? (3) The name of Mr Guan as a member of the RGs cannot confirm the appointment of an elected person. The importance of information is very different from the results of the independent board.

Committees make provision for a number of universities in the United States to declare conflicts of interest. In particular, students should be treated in confidence, all before each member of the election committee, and everyone will discuss how they are dealt with. If important information is not published in advance, others will have reasonable doubt about "fraud." This suspicion, along with the "cabinet editors" uses the anonymous editor to change the same and recommend themselves ", making it harder for the" schoolmasters "to have the confidence and respect of Taiwanese students and find the population.

Mr Guan Zhongjun said the term of the independent director's post had been stolen for a few days. "Not the first one, not like the last one," I believe. In the following cases, he should be the first or the last one; his most important interests by the election committee are: "a promise to the principal"; "The President of the University of Taiwan" is the "school professor" who is not interested in introducing the blue-green exhibition. He is a "school professor" who strongly opposes the student group; In the next few years, we cannot see “the principle's linking”. In the field of political struggle, he helped the Blue Camp to put points in, in terms of improving school issues, it became a problem for the University of Taiwan and Taiwan's higher education.

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