Public Opinion Politician Xiaobian, Chen Xincong, said he would be "taller" in politics – Politics – Newsletter

  1. Chen Xincong, a politician on a public agenda, advised that he was "a high break" in the newsletter of Politics Free Times
  2. It's a good year in Korean Korean Yu to have a & # 39; South East Asia for a holiday that will be edited publicly by Xiaobian News of Politics NOWnews today
  3. Gongshi Xiaobian "捡到 枪" 狠 韩 狠 韩 韩 韩 韩 韩 韩 韩! Chen Xincong welcomed him … the net was destroyed: I thought he was tall? RSS feeds
  4. Links Yu did not stay in South Korea in New Year's Day; At Kaohsiung.
  5. Korean Yu is not in the Kaohsiung public school, Xiaobian Dia is responsive to web users and his / her. praises Apple Daily
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