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Do you want a big battery? The ASUS ZenFone Max Pro mobile phone was launched in the second half of this year, as the name of a homonym named "Zen Feng Da Bian" on the internet shows a high value C / P. It's really fascinating and debated. Next According to official official ASUS Twitter, they will continue and they will continue. published on 12/11 in Indonesia. The second generation style ZenFone Max Pro M2, is ready to catch the pack folder again.

Asus Asus Indonesia Twitter cuach said he will send a new online mobile phone on 12/11. Through the content of the post and tag #topic, you can see the name of this future mobile phone ZenFone Max Pro M2, this is the second generation of Zen style. It is anticipated that the first generation (ZenFone Max Pro M1) batteries are expected not only, but the official definition is also a game phone, in other words, it is a real look at the performance performance.

According to Roland Quandt (@rquandt), one of Twitter's largest climbers, the "ZenFone Max M2" ASUS second-generation power monster will be available in two modules with different processes. The 6-inch screen ZB631KL model, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 (SDM660) and 4GB RAM process, which provides 64 / 128GB storage capacity options, is the highest camera with a maximum picteal of 13 million pixels, three camera resolution ; The "ZenFone Max M2" (modal ZB633KL) is also a 6-inch drive, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 (SDM660) and 4GB RAM, 32 / 64GB storage capacity, the 13mm pixel camera, two sons have a camera solution.

As the Asus Home Market, ZenFone Max Pro M2 has a good chance to launch in Taiwan. However, it is less than half a year since the generation.

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