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Rubha: The airline that refuses to change my name, the place of popularity is really useful? Wind media

The south side of the water, but the heavy rainfall causes, the next thunder is more severe than the flooding water, although it is only thundering but it is harder to bring back the disaster. This thunder is the civilian ferry bureau on the mainland calling on "Taiwan Housing Taiwan" airlines to call me! Turn over to the Chinese Republic of Taiwanese and become part of China! This thunder is, though the sound is not big, but full of fish, and an endless problem! According to media statements, the Civil Air Administration of China sent a letter to 44 airports on April 25 this year seeking change of name. At this time, 20 of the 44 foreign airs have completed a change and 24 have applied for "technical reasons". The European Public Air Commission agrees that the latest date will be extended to 25 July. At the beginning of May, Lu Fang sent a letter to IATA, hoping the Taiwan world would be known as China. Ma d & # 39; IATA had to get involved, IATA's national airports needed to change their names. In this regard, China's leader in national security issues and foreign affairs: Li Dawei, Secretary General of the National Security Council, and Wu Hao, Foreign Affairs Minister, were unhappy unhappy and response measures. When attending Financial Times, the Secretary-General of the National Security Council, Li Dawei, stressed that Taiwan would enter into terms of agreement. Initially, it's a & # 39; encouraging people from China to opt out of those companies that have come to the mainland. They would have to change back through court decisions. Regarding the Secretary-General's statement, the media and tourism industry directly investigated the difficulties they had on the route, the number of planes and the cost of air tickets, and summarized the " Secretary-General Li Dawei "refused" to take a trip ". Like the disruption on the M503 route at the beginning of the year, of "wounded miles and eight hundred dollars in ruin"! In addition, the other party does not hurt! 20180619-Japan on Japan Airlines and ANA highlight China's "Taiwan" on ticket sales website to "China Taiwan". And the Japan Airlines thread has …

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