Samsung market value was 1.67 millions of Solar Modi cleaning too winter

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2018/11/19 20:34 Dongsen Finance News

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Global business is before the cold winter! South Korea's Samsung Group as 11/14, market value was a total of 1.67 million Taiwan dollars, besides that, b & # 39; Moody's solar power planning was first to expand this year's Maanshan plants, but also broke the 10,000 projects that can not pay money!

▲ Samsung's registered companies have 16 total market allocations of just 418.33 trillion, down 11.95%. (Document / Dongsen Pages Scenario)

A confident face to camera, Samsung found the day after Cai Yilin's approval was sold, but at the end of the year, cold winter fell. According to one data, only 418.33 trillion have been won in recognition of Samsung's registered companies in 163, which is 11.95% lower than last year's end. In just 10 months, it has become cleaned. 56.78 trillion were won, earning around 1.67 trillion.

Analyst, Cai Zhanghuang: "The TSMC processed the 7nm process to launch three or four months ago. It's also the focus on Samsung as a whole. It is almost even more competitive with TSMC. Samsung Semiconductor process total. Stock price should be difficult for a while. "

▲ Samsung Electronics and Samsung Biopharmaceutical have built two major Samsung stock stocks. (Document / Dongsen Pages Scenario)

Samsung's two major stock stocks succeeded, and Samsung Electronics's capping money decreased by 13.94% to 283.92 trillion, and Samsung Biopharma won 9.84% to 22.13 trillion.

▲ Modi's contractor broke the news and did not get paid by Modi. (Document / Dongsen Pages Scenario)

Mou Di is also a terrible company. Some of the newspapers broke news to the print media. In February this year, they passed over to # 39; the Maanshan garden. In August, they got to know about hanging, and came to an end. Cha d & # 39; received payment from Modi. There was no salary, causing staff to complain about the factory, until November, Moody did not; negotiated but reduced the number of 10 million yuan to 6 million yuan, and agreed to pay back on schedule.

Analyst, Cai Zhanghuang: "If it is expected in 2019, the sun industry may have the opportunity to reduce the internet in the next year. If Moody can live on the worst off this year, it should be better next year. "

▲ Xie Jinhe, the chairman of Caixin Media, warned that Apple's supply chain should find a new development model. (Document / Dongsen Pages Scenario)

Looking back to Taiwan, Ping stock is not really good. Xie Jinhe, the chairman of Caixin Media, warned him to find a new development model in the Apple supply series. Therefore, the entire winter in Taiwan's hard-working business can be a long time. It seems that a & # 39; global market to look forward to. Cry the teeth through the cold winter.

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