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South Wales was frightened and angry, but he had to report it, but when it came to the north, the knock could not be pushed, PTT starler awarded 100 points in South Korea! Supporting Yugao choir! One stroke for two points: Let Zheng Hongyi further destroy it: Which test study? Just make sure the check is automated.

Scratching and a & # 39; frightening the heavens, there is a conflict between Yu & Korea and Korea: not its case; there

On the afternoon of the 20th, Yu, South Korea, played the poems at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, saying that he was going to attack to & # 39; give their attention. He said, "I have been struggling for a long time now, I do not want it. I have seen people with different ideas and ideas, and take a look at my family, my team and myself with a wrong fact, again, but as I said, I hope this is a clean choice, full of suffering and love. My personal choice is good and the value of democracy is good. which we should protect and preserve. "

The invasion net of the laptop passengers raised debate. The netizen gave the warning to Yu Korean, and he did not fall. It was even believed that Yugao of Europe was appointed. "The ball is thrown to the red face. Then the sentence is deemed high." In fact, it is not bad. "" The red devices do not have a position again. "" Do you know Hung Hom on his / her first day? He is still enthusiastic, and has closed since Ma Ying-jeou's time. "

Some web browsers are waiting to find out what the test is opened. Because it is intended to select or not elected people, the public prosecution is an offense. I think that a & # 39; case has been checking out its & # 39; case. "I'm very informative …" I was very curious. When Zhongzheng was afraid to go to Taoyuan, he persuaded the people, there … ".

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