Shut to the end of Huawei case! Lu Ru Ruadh is out of the way, three financial crisis schools are scared – Zhongshi News

Meng Xizhou, chief technology chief of the technology of China's technology technology, was arrested in Canada last December to prevent US sanctions against Iran. The relationship between the mainland and Canada is heavy. Canada has a large number of Canadian students, and teaching fees are well above Canadian citizens. If the mainland remembers international students in Canada, there may be three largest public universities in the region; loss of loss.

According to the company's report, according to estimates by Moody, two thirds of the University of Toronto international students are on the Chinese mainland and the University of British Columbia. The third part of China's international Chinese students is on the mainland, and McGill's fourth quarter is for a quarter.

According to statistics, there were around 77,000 in the number of students who were studying in Canada in Canada last year. In the teaching section, Canada's citizens must pay only 6838 yuan (NT $ 162,000 contract), and international students will be able to pay their money. paying a price of 27,000 (NT $ 64.2 contract). Ten thousand yuan), almost four times higher.

The report said that last year's human rights issues in Canada and Saudi Arabia had problems between the two countries, and 15,000 Saudi students returned to China. A & # 39; The market would result in the loss of ten million schools in Ontario, Canada. The Moody Investment Company warned that students on the mainland are 15 times more than the number of students studying in Saudi Arabia. If the mainland is a? Following Saudi Saudi example, there will be a bigger impact than that.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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