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Singing technological innovation is internationally, and ITRI 2018 has won world-class advanced technology research and technology research in 2018 | TechNews

The R & D Awards 100, known as the Oscar of the technology industry, are back to the news! With the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology Project of Economics, this year, ITRI won three prizes, including "Fluid Drainage and Activation Technique", "UVC LED Fluid Module", and "Telecom Control UAV". There is "Team Teaching" and other technologies, and the Irish King of Taiwan, who collaborates with ITRI, & # 39; using the "Smart Orthopedic Automotive Movement Technology" only and "Data Detection System Detailed Data Detection" and "Gene Power Power Generation" "Smart Station" is successful.

The research and development results of the ITRI and the CMCT are also associated with MIT, Dow Chemical, NASA and Argonne National Laboratory this year. These famous locations are selected as one of the world's top 100 technologies and technologies. Here are also 100 scientific and technological research and development awards for science research and technology technology and Taiwan technology for 11 years after each other. It shows China's scientific and technological strength and quality has reached an internationally international level!

Tim Studt, a reviewer and editor of the Global Top 100 Technology & Technology Awards, said that the technology and complexity of technology progression and simplicity, ITRI's efforts and achievements in many new areas has not been ever seen, and also represents the continuous improvement and continuous innovation of the ITRI. Laura Panjwani, editor of the Global Top 100 T & D Technology Award, also believes that ITRI's unique performances in world-class research and world-class development certificates are 100% shows that the Institute is committed to innovation and investment. Resources are based on research and technology development that is the forefront. In the future, we hope that more advanced I & D institutions and initiatives such as ITRI will demonstrate their strategies in the Global Top 100 T & D Technology Awards.

Peng Yumin, deputy professor of the Institute of Business Technology Research, said that Taiwan needs a huge economic economy. This year, eight Technologies Technology Technologies have been selected as one of the 100 T & D technology technologies in the world. 1 running a home, these technologies are innovative, advanced and made, and all technologies can be started and indeed "return home." In total, ITRI has been involved in the R & D Awards 100 for 11 years after each other. At present, he has circulated 39 awards. The advanced level of the technology project is at a successful level of 76%, much larger than Red Sox in the Premier League Leagueball. Its average level is 3 to 3, which is more than twice as high.

Su Qingwei, the director of the Interior Ministry of Information Office, with the strong support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said that the solution to winning a drone television award winning award-winning telecom is equivalent to the & # 39; The idea of ​​the police division of air policemen. This year, the Police Department has given nine police special drops to prepare for the protection of theft in rural farms or orchards to reduce the time and power of policemen -electric. In the future, coupled with the role of the developing thermal leap, it can be noted on the site to achieve a barrier impact.

Hong Zhenhai, chairman of Confucianism, who has been working with ITRI for 18 years, believes that there is still a long way before the R & D award-winning technology has been exchanged. The prestigious clothing gained by the ITRI remains in human exams. At the stage, I hope to put a health check into hospitals or at home as quickly as possible. He also hopes that R & D staff will not be afraid of failing the R & D road. As long as they are enough to continue and take the right path, the best success is yours in the future.

The "Global Top 100 R & D Awards" is an internationally renowned scientific research and development award in the R & D range Each year, 100 pieces of the world's innovative technologies have chosen from thousands of innovative technologies in the world and have a huge impact on people's lives. Getting into the 56th session has become an important indicator of renewable quality. identifying new technologies on market. As fax machines (1975), a LCD screen (1980), Kodak Photo CD (1991), Nicoderm stopped smoking pets (1992), Taxol (1993) anticancer drugs, a surgical mirror (1996) and a high quality TV quality (1998) ) and so on to be chosen as the top 100 technology awards per year, which have a significant impact on people's lives and being an integral part of life. The T & D results chosen by the ITRI this year also aim to do this and be able to have their market.

Distribution dyeing technology and business practices – a degree of water colors and a process of completion, which expresses the concept of a trip economy

The clothing industry is the fourth largest foreign exchange business that exports export in Taiwan. The annual export value is 10 billion US dollars, but the waste that is discharged from representing the pain of the traditional dyeing and finishing industry. In recent years, ZDHC has set its status for the nerve emissions of chemicals in 2020. Tidal fluid dyeing technology has become market movements and carbon dioxide carbon dioxide dioxide and its allowing carbon dioxide between gas and liquid. The state can be highly credible, with high solidity of energy and high behavioral taxes, recycling and re-use too. ITRI ​​and the industry have linked to their business to develop innovative technologies to make dyeing with a " spreading them, allowing dye-free dyeing to be more color and more; overcoming the space in active materials. As well as being used in policy / fiber cloths to combine active clothing such as yoga clothing and sports star, this technique feature can make a difference to the colorful work of the general functional tools is fundamental in two separate processes, which will be colored by the Institute of Technology. Finished in line with the operational process to complete full water.

Flow Water Model UVC mobile equipment – Sterilization and Saving Energy

Water contaminated can be banned or can cause harm to humans, so a water sterile system is necessary to clean water solution. The current system of UV lightning water uses a central lamp as the source of light, which is not only hard, the lamp is weak and requires a high-speed drive, and can not do. UVC-streamed water module technology is a & u; Using LED as the source of light. Compared to the traditional UV lightning system, not only has a slight reduction, but also has a steering rate of over 99.9%. It is easy to install in the general water service, and the LED can be used for high-speed change. It can be considered by water flow to start the LED. Compared to the technology, it can save more than 50% of energy and safer. This technology is suitable for homes, business offices, medical care homes and other places or areas with poor health and ill health. It can immediately clean water supply, and self-detection and detection. It can be analyzed in detail and ensuring water is used. Quality of spawning. In business applications, businesses that contribute significantly to the quality of water, such as biological and aquaculture business, can improve water quality, and Creating a new atmosphere for a large water medicine market.

Telecom Technologies to Air Disposal Resolution – Right Saving

Successfully unlocked the short distance and sustainability of drones, and the three key technologies of "communication modal", "automation" and "cost system", and # 39; using a 4G network with a Wi-Fi two-connected communication system, and used The flexible lens with data connection and image triggering activities, and less than 1 second is the immediate image streaming and It can be seen by many people at the same time. At the same time, through the self-developed station (Ground Control Station) software, with self-functional activities such as the location of pathways, design routes, removal of one button, and so on, it can create a number of initiatives at the same time, and now a number of application procedures have been developed, including Wea, the established point, "Dam dam lake and district area", "Air patrol patrol", "Survey bridge".

Orthopedic surgical knees – a superficial surgical surgery, future head of surgery

In addition, Taiwan Bone King, a manufacturer of orthopedic medical materials established in 2017, is committed to research and development of software development and associated medical equipment, and the well-known orthopedic surgical glasses in the world, this year, also cooperates with ITRI to achieve the R & D's 100 R & D Technology Awards. Taiwan Bone King focuses on advanced medical technology and research and software development. This year, he has experienced ITRI in a biotechnology field, and has successfully evolved with the medical device (Foresee-X) regulations with medical orthopedic medical devices in the world, and we have received successfully Taiwan Taiwan international GMP certificate and ISO 13485. At present, the product has been listed in Taiwan, which uses real truth and technology to make the real environment ; in the work and the unique information about the patient's bones, and the doctor's instructions to use the visual visual way for surgery, which can be considered as a clinical treatment guide, compared to C. The system's surgical information -arm reduces radiation exposure with more than 80%. At this time, 3 hospitals were successfully implemented in a clinical case of 107 cases, and they promote the results to a global market, and hope they will benefit more staff medical.

(Source: ITRI)

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