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Text: Ke Panyu (Ph.D., School of Economics, Sun Yat-Sen University), Yang Jiahua (Master of Social Studies, Sun Yat-Sen University)

Why are the people who support the rampets greatly reduced?

Recently, there have been many sentences about the Kaohsiung town election. One of the arguments is that South Yu's network weapons are very powerful. Many Kaohsiung ordinary citizens are delighted. On the other hand, the DPP produces local organizing wars and its; leaving air fights.

In response to this idea, I am going to; think that many places are worth going to & # 39; reflection. In the first instance, at least in & # 39; Understanding everyday language, at least two definitions at the "web nets", one speaker who is supported by the particular political party, and the other is the people who are independent of their & # 39; help the unique situation. The reader believes that the network weapon is sure, the most important decision is that a certain number of quality viewers is sufficient.

So, what should be considered is why the number of unarmed green armies in the green has been significantly reduced in a few years? Second, at least under the context of the PTT conversion and the Kaohsiung version, I do not think the green camp ideas were completely obstructed in the airfield.

For the first point, that is, "Why is the number of unwanted green soldiers reduced in a few years?" I am think there are many reasons for this, but they are just divided into two stages: the whole country and Kaohsiung.

At national level, the reason is that the PTT or Facebook movement has grown bigger and safer, and after 2016, there are positive interventions between DPP government policies:

1. Withdrawal of the marriage case

In the beginning of 2016-2017, a dispute between the DPP legislature is divided into two visible groups. Although this debate appears to be finalized in the marriage ceremony of 2017 uniqueness, from today's perspective, the DPP government It seems that the way to solve the One marriage can be accessed to the results from a & # 39; describes social forces the benefits and accounts, to solve unity sexuality law.

2. By the end of 2017, the DPP government repaired the law of death and its law; greatly expand flexible working hours.

At that time, the green committees such as Zhong Jiabin, Lin Jingyi, Qiu Yiying, and the green media such as Sanli, People's Vision, and All Freedom were legally lawful.

3. In the middle of this year, the collaboration between the DPP, its independent agency and Ke Wenzhe officially broke.

Indeed, I have not recently commented from Ke Wenzhe. I just want to say that the breakdown of the two associations represents that the DPP needs to support its own supporters through a variety of media and to a large extent of mythology phragaganda. From the supporters of Ke Wenzhe, this means that he lost his & her; Green-green camp is the ability to perform speech and function Ke Wenzhe; On the other hand, green greens supporters broke Ke Wenzhe.

These three things mean that the DPP is retiring from social, economic, and social foundations of supporters, and directly put on a political tracking online, to especially the views of some younger generations. The ultimate result is that there are issues inside, when the DPP government addresses the real-armed forces in the country, such as the importance of its power. re-annual re-anniversary group, and loss of observer's aid immediately; at the same time, the people The only division of benefit for the government of their defense party and diploma related to sovereignty.


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In addition, the reduction of unnecessary green network troops and the reduction in the political beliefs of those groups against the DPP government can be mutually friendly. Here, we can briefly describe the definition of political trust:

The key for final support for political support is not to genuinely authenticate data, but the beliefs and beliefs of people about special political parties.

In other words, to bring back those groups that they believe they have been scourged by the DPP, the victims need to spend more time than ever before, and the This situation is now in & # 39; happening in Kaohsiung elections.

We all know that the DPP is committed to promoting urban transformation in Kaohsiung, but business cities can not change something that can be done in a few years. There are many detailed links here that I do not have the main thing, so I can only explain how successful & # 39; It is the development of things within the breadth of what I am reading and familiar.

Although many people have been in the Kaohsiung government for 20 years, the administration of the DPP in Kaohsiung has indeed been to meet many structural problems in resource allocation. Politically including:

  1. The government will have a different period: it will be advisable to & # 39; but only half of the greens until 2014.
  2. Different changes in the middle: The power to allocate budgets is coordinated by a & # 39; main government.

At the same time, it also includes a & # 39; resource allocation question:

  1. The first change of cities and businesses needs to be a hard-hit format, and # 39; including traffic road networks and even underground sewage treatment facilities. According to the Kaohsiung City government rule, most of Kaohsiung Town government debts are spent on groundwater sewage pipers.
  2. After the integration of the counties and cities, the Kaohsiung City area is even more than a new North Town. Therefore, the hardship of the county may be quite stagnant.

These reasons are just on the minute. The latest result is that Kaohsiung City's urban transformation has still been involved in hardware hardware hardware. The business turnover was not fully implemented, and this may be the most common sense for Kaohsiung citizens. Philosophy. Here, the structural problem of urban and business transformation is based on the above-mentioned political center mentioned at the national level.

According to the author's opinion, during the local elections in 2014, at least PTT, or the Kaohsiung citizens that I met in life, we did not look carefully at Chen Ju and Yang Qiuxing's policies; but in 2018, the people of Shaoxiung But Chen Qimai's policy were explored at tighter levels; and Yu Yu's policy was resting.

In other words, in the opinion that many voters are "incredible" that the DPP can solve short-term business problems, Chen Qimai and his team need to give a great deal of evidence compared to a & # 39; policy that is unexpected in South Korea. And the cost of time, to rebuild a trustee of political trust, and give voters the purpose and belief of voting.

This has led to a sense of online public opinion. But at least under the context of converting PTT and the Kaohsiung version, the author does not believe that the green camp ideas are safely swept in air combat. It is difficult to confirm that voters are in a position; Feels that there is not so much green talk. It is best to say that many of the speeches online are "free value".

Needing a National Arts and Culture Center

Sculpture Credit: Central News Agency (provided by Kaohsiung City Development Bureau)

In a short time, & maybe users have a & # 39; understand that Korean Yu communication is empty. Chen's policy seems to be practicable. However, due to the difficulty faced by previous political events, voters can not assertively confirm themselves that they need to be unprofitable. Reason.

Based on this, on the value of the value that is; I live, I do not think there is a social public opinion; All-blue camp is so bad at the rate of cyber war. If we are Extending the meaning that is behind this fact from a policy or voter perspective, the author believes that this may indicate that many voters need time and more detailed guidance on urban and business turnover, and rebuilding volunteer political trust, not just the details of how the policies are implemented.

Looking Yu Yu from "Air Pollution, Black Gold, Nutrition"

No subsequent technical elections were made, but just to avoid bad. Regardless of the degree of air pollution, local politics and sexual education, Yu Korea stands on the other side of politics of cleanliness and progress. Therefore, Yu Korean's bid is to avoid the political politics of Kaohsiung citizens. More talk:

  1. South Korea said it was "anti-air pollution", but Kaohsiung City's industrial structure for less than fifty years ago, the air pollution problem was strongly linked to structural problems. Business change, but Yu did not; South Devon's industrial and industrial transformational policy. Therefore, it can be said clearly that the "Yoga Institute of Europe" calls for the "anti-air pollution" but just a political population.
  2. Korea and Yu propose to revive parliamentary work, and not only does this application go? leaving guidance, but also plans to link local factions. It should be easy to imagine that the realization of the real-world of the local politics of Kaohsiung will be a dating for 20 years.
  3. South African Conversation to marriage and equality, and the content of intervention education in the early stages and the final stages.

Kaohsiung air pollution problem is closely related to the Kaohsiung business structure. For more than fifty years in Taiwan, Kaohsiung has been playing a business city place. So far, heavy industry still has a & # 39; Contribute to Kaohsiung's broadcast values. According to statistics from the Kaohsiung Economic Development Bureau, Kaohsiung City, the value of the 55.74% service business value and b & The value of business results is 43.67%. However, at the same time, in 2016, 32% of PM2.5 in Kaohsiung City was based on business contamination. Emissions.

We clearly see that business is still a leading business in Kaohsiung, and, Kaohsiung's people make an effort to make air pollution and livelihood. So, to address the problem of air pollution in Kaohsiung, we have to think with the structural problems of "how the business is translated" so that we can get a right solution. In other words, to change the current condition of air pollution, business transformation is the most important of the most important ones.

But, looking at Yu & South Korea, whether it's "Love Ferris Wheel" or "Tai Ping Island Digging Oil", not a business policy. which is based on the Kaohsiung context, but also greatly removes from a common system. In addition to hard and hard blues, even the light blue and the resolution for the DPP's governing party were also taught to & # 39; ascertaining how bad these policies could not be taken. Korea Yu Yu did not attempt to solve the problem of air pollution completely from the perspective of business turnover. In other words, Yu Korea is not just a deceitful and unsustaining slogan in an unreasonable situation.


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Public employment building is the most popular policy. Large roads for a light rail, pop music center, as little as an asphalt road, a watch, park slides, etc. Therefore, it can be said that it is simpler and simpler public jobs, and linked to the daily political issues of the people.

In the end, Kaohsiung Town Council had a system of "Kaohsiung Town Council" engineering ideas. Initially, it was hoped that the members of the town who were in the " better understanding of local needs and suggesting to the home government what public works should be done. However, such a system helps to & # 39; Submitting urban proposals with parliamentary members has been the way of election decisions, individual divisions, and breakdowns. As a result, this was done as a result of public public works and even public guidance.

However, Yu Korea South stated clearly "to get into the proposed project" and said he would have re-elected as chairman of a & # 39; town with Xu Kunyuan, local councilor with strong local color. Once the "small engineering money" practices have begun, we will now be able to; throw 80 million of public services in Kaohsiung Town into the unfinished river, and let children and young people in the local area – eat food that is not good, and that people who ride on bicycles to lasting the crime The tarmac road, the citizens who want to rest – need to absorb the well-planned public space; At the same time, when the "small build" practices are restored, this will directly revitalize black gold and separate politics.


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  • Looking Yu Yu from Sexual Education

A referendum is on the 24th November, as well as the local elections, and councilors South Province and city councilors have clearly stated that they are opposed to the & # 39; their opinion on sexual education. Although the referendum on "anti-sexual education" is a national issue, the result of the vote is aimed at "Gender Equality Education Matters". main government. But if the Kaohsiung City Government is to be overshadowed by Yu Korean, it will certainly bring a real impact. The Future Education of the Kaohsiung Capital Government in the future – the status of sex education.

According to Article 8 of the Law of National Education, although the local government can not directly translate into a comprehensive education education content from the founding level, there is a power separation of the National Education Law for the central and local governments A huge degree of bad space. This means if the "home government opposed to sexual education" trying to shrink sexuality content in Kaohsiung, government must have a political capacity to; town. In other words, the home government's political applications for sex education can not be restricted by existing local and local fundamental structures.

In a short time, the Local Government Government Bureau can use the official document to "make suggestions" versions of textbooks and teaching content for small and medium-sized nations. In addition, under the pressure of some conservation parent groups, it is difficult to think about the school that Delegation does not give some of parental groups and the home government. That is, even though the home government can not change its gender class, a "home government opposing a level education" can protect the teaching unit to select a distinctive range of sex education materials through a variety of technical techniques ; do not let her & # 39; first line Teachers, under the pressure of local government and some parents, will tidy up specific teaching content.

The situation that can be expected if adopted by the South Government's home government, staff in Kaohsiung City needs to address its & pressure from the conservation agencies and address the importance of their home government, and ending in the face teaching scene. And he has to give his teaching situation.


The development of politics always brings two steps and two steps. Many people can go to; criticizing the administration of the DPP is unsatisfactory, but is far from combining gold gold politics and conservation ideology; it is far from air pollution, black gold and anti-species. Three-one band. So, it is difficult for the author to believe that voters' support for Yu Korea is to allows DPP to balance the DPP. The results of the election are still unidentified, but Kaohsiung's evolution is at a historical level, and the Kaohsiung citizens are now in emergency.

Editor responsible: Peng Zhenxuan
Editing manuscript: Weng Shihang

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