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Recently, Steam, the world's biggest PC game platform, announced the latest adventure player search.

According to the report, on CPU side, 18% of players are currently using AMD CPU, and those who choose Intel have 82%. The rate of AMD CPU is growing, but Intel is still continuing.

In addition to the core number, a multi-functional CPU has had a clear movement for Windows's operating system data, the level of six-level processors has increased by 2% in the last three months, and the process is eight-fold. have increased by 0.5%. However, the director remains a quadrant process with a 55% share.

The NVIDIA benefits can not be shaken onto the show card. An NVIDIA card in the first 12 list is on the display card list, and there are 52.8% in the 12. cards, with a 15% share.

For the AMD graphic card, it must be displayed in the 13th place. Radeon RX 580 then issued and the 19th position to see the Radeon R7 series.

In addition, 15% of players use the AMD or Intel exhibition.

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