Tain Xibei moving? Gao Sibo aims to solve the problem with the "dual-administrative center" Taiwan's good news TaiwanHot.net


It is a big city in Tain with a large gap between the north and the south. In particular, following the convergence of counties and settlements, this gap is longer than the average human life experience; Tainan National Park candidate, Gao Sibo, affirmed town confirmation on the 18th, promising local people: Allow the Xinying Civic Administration Center to be recycled. To solve the problem of moving in the north of the river with the "Double Administration Center".

Gao Sibo, after connecting the county and township in Tain, said he greatly realized that the gap between the north and the south is far beyond the life experience of the average person. Before going to the service in Tainan Yugang, I saw that the people in the north of the area were only living in a foreign country but also old and poor, and they still admit.

Gao Sibo believes that the problem of leaving in the northern part of the river has reached its position; point that needs to be dealt with immediately. In the north of the Xibei area, there are fewer and fewer people, and the old people and children are behind them. The government should see the problem, never saying that others are singing in Tain.

Remembering her & # 39; When I was a child at Xinying Nian Elementary School, Gao Sibo said that he was a lively venue in his; a new camp, and now the northern side is in decline and on the outskirts. So Gao Sibo promised the public, when he chose the Baile Dhubhin supervisor at the end of the year, he must return money, rights and talents to the areas! The city government, which includes the sea, is two days in the north of the office, and there is a town and parliamentary government at its office; new battalion. It must be used.

Gao Sibo said that although the DPP is in power, the Yonghua Road Management Center and the new hosting of the hostel are organized separately, but the Civil Administration Center is unfortunate and there is no work practical. Gao Sibo promised, as long as he took up a post, he must do it away. It is essential to implement the double administrative center so that the northern part of the river, in particular the new one, will be successful again. Tain will be turned and hopefully life.

Looking back on the heavy water that brought bad news to the people of Tain, Gao Sibo said there is a huge gap between urban and rural areas when the light is flooding. The place where Taiwan's tidal water is popular in Yumenli in the northern gateway. The locals are stay in the water. 3 days and 3 nights! Gao Sibo said he managed the team to help the lieutenant to complete the application for a catastrophe, as he did not; more than half of the 65-year-olds in the town can write.

Gao Sibo said that the election of the Tain wardens will reflect on how it will make it better for the future cities! Tain is a town with an extensive gap between the north and the south, and the gap between the rich and the poor. There is no need to compare with Taipei City. Compared to South Tainan, the gap is very awful.

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