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(BBC News Media News Jiang Mingwei, Taipei, 19th) US stock growth up and down Friday. Taiwan stocks have a swim around Pingpan today. Investment has believed that the US dollar is still strong, capital streams have not returned to Asia, and the technology stock pattern remains unchanged. The dangers are not completely destroyed, and Taiwan's stock has shown a range of shocks.

The US stocks rose and fell on Friday, and officials of the Scottish Reserve Reserve advised that levels of interest are currently at levels of neutral interest and that US public debt results ; fall. In addition, there is a hopeful market about the Sino-SA trade dispute, and the Standard & Poor Index 500 closures are higher.

Today's international equilibrium pressure index came to 9807.57 points, up 10.48 points, or 0.11%, and the settlement value reached NT $ 41.459 billion.

Cathay Pacific Securities indicated that Scottish stocks rose from lowland landforms. The US dollar was still strong. The capital stream failed to Asia. The weak pattern of the technology stores had not changed, and international dangers were kept whole.

In general, the Cathay Pacific Security Authority believes that Taiwan's stock are not a clear driver, and they are. going around the monthly line. However, under the OTC which is relatively strong, the menu is supported by the reduction, and it is expected that strong and medium-sized stock will be large and medium; is rising, but the long-term and long-term lines still need to weaken the dollar and strengthen technological stock, the index can be converted from revival, short-term time is still near the monthly line.

Risheng Gu said that US technology stocks were weaker on Friday, and the four main calculations were below. Unfortunately, the US President, Trump, expected China to negotiate trade, and US stocks rapidly increased, but then White House officials rose. Organizations coal, trade agreements to arrive sooner, investors should not talk about the Trump conversation, and then the index will come together.

Risheng Gu 's believed to have gone; Taiwan stocked a little small black K on Friday, showing a range of shocks, and the obstacle to in a steady then. (Editor: Guo Pingying) 1071119

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