The 100 largest influential women in the world, Chinese artists only chosen – China Times News

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) named the 100 most powerful women in the year. B & # 39; He is the only Singer of Hong Kong, Deng Ziqi, who won the 34th place. Her opinion was that Deng Ziqi used his influence and encouragement to support the music. , education, and assistance to the charities of the world and public bodies.

Deng Ziqi recently boarded NASA in the United States to make a famous song "Out of Year and Times". (Figure / Dancing from Facebook Deng Ziqi)

Tianhou Deng Ziqi was debated in Hong Kong in a short time, with the best selling and selling songs. He was very pleased to sit on the queen's throne, and he was even invited to appear in a variety of business scenes and eyes. South Westerly

Deng Ziqi stood up in Hong Kong with a number of classical retailers. (Figure / Discharged from Weibo)

Today (19), BBC Britain has named the 100 most powerful and most exciting women in the world this year. Deng Ziqi had been the 34th Chinese artist. He says she has her own music influencing her. To support education and charities and disadvantaged groups, and to educate young people.

(Times Times Newsletter)

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