The chairman of Nissan was arrested and the deputy settlers agreed to appeal guilty – News – Rt Central Radio

The chairman of Nissan was arrested and the deputy settlers agreed to appeal guilty – News – Rt Central Radio

  • Time: 2018-11-20 14:15
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  • Writer: Yang Zhaoyan

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman of Nissan Motor Co. (Reuters / Dazhi Image)

The chairman of Nissan Motor Co., Japan, with whom Carlos Ghosn was involved in a large amount of short-term salary purposes, led by the special department of study at the Tokyo Area Center Divisional Office, which was reported to He opposed the guilty of discussions with Ghoen staff. Agreement.

Japan Sankei Shimbun commented that Ghosn, chairman of the 64-year-old Japanese Nissan Motor Co-chairman, was in suspicion with the Nissan production director Greg Kelly, and was only published in the security report for the five years from 2010 to 2014. Salaries of about 497.70 million yen (approximately $ 44.48 million), but Ghosn's salary is about 9,998 million yen.

Suspension was suspected in short-term salary, and was arrested on the 19th after being investigated by the prosecution. Depending on relevant sources, the specific research department has made an innocent decision with Ghosn workers.

The Japanese law did not recognize the criminal law system guilty in the past, but a few years ago the voice of the criminal law system began to be guilty; appear. After debate, in May 2016, the Criminal Course law was amended and the criminal law system was officially launched on June 1 this year.

A & # 39; The first case that was submitted after the reconciliation system was given on the road of the bribery event on members of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, and the second was the case Nissan Motor Ghos.

According to relevant sources, Ghosn published fraudulent security reports, and his sub-divisions also participated; The subordinates agree to give evidence and submit appropriate evidence, and they hope to declare guilty for changes to future legal examinations to reduce their penalty.

Japan's Broadcasting Association (NHK) said the Japanese Secretary of the Secretary, Yu Yiwei, said it was very difficult to improve the situation. Since the specific search department still has a & # 39; investigating, it is impossible to give more consideration.

The reporter asked if his case would affect the Japanese economy. Yan Yiwei said the government would take account of developments.

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