The delivery of Xbox One March delivery, "The Rise of the Metal Gear Solid" and "Plants vs. Zombies" participate in the free online Gold Games online. 4Gamers

Every month, "Gold Games" is a bit strong this month. Microsoft Taiwan today (28) describes its & # 39; A game in March, "Star Wars", "Plants vs. Zombies", "The Rise of the Metal Gear Solid" is all available!

This offer is only for Xbox Live Gold members (Xbox Live Gold).

March 2019 Free Xbox Live free game "Gold Games"

Cobalt side screen action game
Free collection time: March 1 to March 31, 2019

Launched in 2015 by Mojang Studios of My World, Cobalt is a fun, funny, easy and fun style.

The player will run another child as a "Cobalt", which was lost in the # 39; secret planet, and launch a running, jumping, military operation for the trip home. You can use the time of bullets, rollouts and punctuations to give you more benefits.

This game includes a number of game modes: capture & # 39; banner, death, tourism, etc., and also, including the game map editor.

Star Wars: Republican Commando: Active Throwing Game
Free collection time: March 1 to March 15

The old "Star Wars Republic Commando" game launched in 2005 was developed for the past LucasArts, this trip consistent with Xbox One and again back to face.

The player will play a commander and his / her; Manages three players into the enemy camp to launch a secret attack. Although this book is a work of about 15 years, content is quite adult, including the UHD interconnection and a connection of up to 16 people.

"Raising the Gear Gearid Metal: revenge": an active sniper activity
Free collection time: March 16 to March 31

The "METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE", which was developed by Hideo Kojima and Platinum Studios, was launched on the Xbox 360 in 2013.

Breaking away from the original series of "Tyrgo Dragons" styles, the "Thunderbolt" key is based on the features of biochemical mechanical transformation, and Enables "Sniper" and "Acceptance" and other exciting activities, which include a remarkable and amazing sword. It is a choice to honor him; for visual and functional frost.

Plant vs Zombies: War 2 War: Multiplayer Game Shooting Game
Free collection time: March 16 to April 15

Who says zombies can not, vs. Plants Zombies eliminated exclusively of plants: Garden Warfare 2 allows camp players to "zombie" or "plannt" to choose a competition for the funny scenes of the site. Mòr is close.

In the second generation, 6 new characters will be added, and 14 arms are included. Players can use more than 100 species of plants and zombies, and knowledge of different abilities and attack / attendant methods. In addition, this site is displayed on its & # 39; multimedia connection methods. In addition to its single player mode, there are 4 other players, even 24 players to # 39; participating in the Battle of Lìb.

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