The Middle Division of Chinese Propaganda ordered the Gold Horses Award? Official view China New Newtalk Chief

The director Fu Wei (left) won the Gold Hell Best Reporting Award and was delighted to certify

The director Fu Wei (left) won the Gold Hell Recitalization Award and was delighted to announce his "Taiwan independence" certificate. Figure: flip youtube

The 55th Golden Horse Awards came to an end on the 17th. After the film maker Fu Wei "Taiwan's theory of independence" was published, the Chinese designers went straight to the platform and said "I feel a family overwhelming", so The service is full of gunpowder and art. The palace is contaminated by politics. In this regard, the news (19th) here is that the Chinese Communist Party Party Party Propaganda Department has not directed the Chinese Film Shop, all their co-production and domestic films, that they can not enter for a Prize The Gold Horses the following year, but this officer has been rejected Vice-

Looking back on the evening of the 17th debate, the "Best Youth in Taiwan" documentary was given by the Sun Flower Learning story. Fu Yu said at the end, "I hope our country can be treated as an independent person. This is my biggest demand as Taiwanese." ; This fierce anger caused the Chinese Communist Party to rage, and not only did he want China to broadcast broadcasting platforms in a moment, but ordered It was for Chinese actors and film makers at the Golden Horse Awards not to attend non-essential meetings. Related events, without media interviews.

When the last Chinese film singer finally gave her best actress a prize, she said, "I'm delighted to come to Golden Golden Taiwan Awards again. I'm feeling a trans- narrows. " In fact, I'm complying with comments that you have; before. As a result, many of the Chinese film star shows a picture of "China, no one can be smaller" in Weibo. Even in the moment a news conference called "Russian Legacy Information" was announced that Huo Jianhua and Zhou Xun failed.

On the third day of the event, according to "Apple" in Hong Kong, the Central Pakistani Department has directed the Chinese Film Shop, and the Bureau of Film has noticed that major film companies can not All accidents and domestic films are registered for the Golden Horse Award. That's said local films from Hong Kong and Taiwan did not attend the Golden Horses Awards next year.

The Gold Horse Government Committee replied: "I did not hear that the next Gold Hire Award is scheduled in June the following year, thank you."

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