The most beautiful "beautiful and naked" girl is too hot. Mom looks at … anger under suspension – Zhongshi News

Chaolian hot fountains look beautiful. (Figure / Discharged from IG)

Ho Hung-soo, a three-room girlfriend, He Chaolian, looks pretty handsome and is also referred to as "the most beautiful girl". She often shares her beauty and her life in an IG, a & # 39; attract many networkers to continue. 500,000, in particular she gave her hotfruits, she did not expect to be so angry with her mother's anger, but also under the suspension.

He recently played Chaolian in the IG and said: "A break of 500,000 even, it seems to be a sochahaha picture … Is this right?" I saw her connect swimmers, sit in a bare spring in the hot spring bath, and look away The lens appears to be a simple and beautiful back, with an outdoor snow, the image is & # 39; looks beautiful and cunning, attracting fans to praise "water fairies", "too positive", "trying to confirm".

However, according to the "Daily Daily" report of Hong Kong, when He Chaolian attended the event on the 27th, she revealed that her mother was wild after she saw the pictures and warned her that she could not take pictures as a PO again, so that she could only accept her mother's words and laughter. : "One million will not be posted again (generous picture)."

(Times Times Newsletter)

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