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Type 1 diabetes is often older

A number of Chinese media have published articles on the United Nations Diabetes Day (14th November) that have passed, and recall people that are important to diabetes.

Chinese media said that China's diabetes is so frequent that there is growing growth, and the movement of young people is clear.

According to the latest statistics from the Chinese Health and Health Commission, China's CCTV network, the prevalence of adult diabetes in China is 11.6%, and the number of patients is more than 114 one million.

For a long time, some Chinese people have an adverse effect on diabetes. They believe that it is called "a rich disease" and a lack of understanding; their mystery.

It is due to a lack of awareness of diabetes, is even more worried. As the problem with diabetes is largely due to problems.

Chinese diabetes is also marked with a low healing rate of just 25.8%, which continues to increase problems and its symptoms. adversely affect patients' quality of life.

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Symptoms of diabetes imply people's endless attacks. So how do you respond?

Causes of sugar sugar

Let us first know the simple knowledge of diabetes. Serum is a serious illness in diabetes that affects the life of a person. There are more than 1 million people who; die with diabetes every year.

Generally, diabetes is caused by blood sugar that can not control blood in the patient's body. Symptoms of diabetes can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, and their symptoms; set down.

When we eat, the body is converting into carbohydrates that we eat in sugar (glucose). The insulin that is made in our illness involves cellular guidance in the & # 39; body to absorb the glucose and convert it into energy. But if the pancreas can not make insulin or have an insulin, but it does not work, it will collect blood sugar and the form of diabetes.

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Sugar sugar helps to increase blood glucose levels

According to the World Health Organization, diabetes's illness shows rapid growth. The current number of people with diabetes is consistently measured at around 422 million, increasing fourteen years ago.

Despite the major risk of diabetes problems, about half of diabetes does not yet know.

Kind of trials

From a general perspective, diabetes can be divided into two sections: type 1 diabetes and diabetes type 2. In fact, how people's awareness of the disease is increasing Growth, researchers say that diabetes can be divided into five different disease groups.

According to experts, from a global perspective, it can be divided into 500 different sub-groups, which are all dependent on genetic effects and local environmental reasons.

The type 1 diabetes occurs due to illness; preventing compilation of insulin and generating glucose in a & # 39; body. Scientists do not know why this is a case, but he believes that it is related to genetic or viral diseases that cause damage to cells that are responsible for making insulin in a & # 39; pancreas Type 1 diabetes contains approximately 10% of the number of people with diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is caused by the pancreas that are not capable of doing enough insulin or that insulin can work effectively.

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It usually affects medieval and old people. But fatty and non-resident young people are also susceptible to type 2 diabetes.

In addition, some minority ethnic groups, such as South Asian and some pregnant women (behavioral illnesses) will also have an impact.

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Insulin is brought out in the pancreas. The work of insulin for blood sugar is embedded and embedded.

Signs of the disease

At the same time, another type of person is diagnosed with diabetes in advance. Blood sugar is slightly tall, and it can absorb the diabetes over time.

The main symptoms of the diabetes are:

There is thirst, often pouring, especially at night, feeling very tired, not just a thing; loss of weight but weight loss, unhappiness, easy remedies can not be cured.

In addition to the Southern Asians, Chinese, African Americans, and others are susceptible to type 2 diabetes.

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Tiredness, thirst, etc. are all signs of diabetes.

How to prevent the sugar

Although diabetes is associated with genetic and environmental factors, you can maintain your blood sugar at a normal level through healthy eating and active exercise.

For example, try to make sure you drink sweets and not drink alcohol. Place white bread and pasta with wheat.

Its process is not like white rice and white flour because their nutrition is lost while it works.

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Healthy foods include vegetables, fruit, and whole grain and grain, as well as healthy cooking oil and rich fish in Omega 3.

In addition, it also stresses: it's better to eat regularly, do not eat it again when you're full.

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Bab for two and a half hours a week.

Exercise helps to & # 39; reducing blood sugar. The UK National Public Health Service proposes that people 2.5 hours of aerobic exercise every week, which includes walking quickly and quickly; climbing stairs.

Keeping your body healthy with lower blood sugar helps. Additionally, if you need to lose weight, you need to take care of the speed, to reduce 1 to 2 pounds per week.

Smoking and attention to cholesterol levels to reduce the risk of heart disease.

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Healthy food helps to

Synthetic illness

Symptoms of diabetes are dangerous because blood sugar can cause high blood vessels, and if vessels are damaged by blood, it will affect blood supply in the body.

Poor blood supply can increase the risk of neurological damage. For example, weird damage can harm the loss of brain pain and behavior, especially cheerful quenches.

Sugar diabetes is the biggest cause of blindness, cracking, kidney failure, stroke and heart disease.

Globally, 80% of people with diabetes survive in middle and lower income countries.

In developed countries, diabetes is largely associated with deprivation and eating free food. Therefore, life-changing can reduce the risk of illness.

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