The "World of the Heart 3" European and American website has a 17th anniversary of the amazing end of "Dark Seats" "KINGDOM HEARTS III"

The Japanese version of the "Single Hearts III" (PS4 / Xbox One) action game, made by SQUARE ENIX and Disney, was released on January 25, 2019 (the English version was released on January 29). Before converting Chinese traditional subtitles to launch on May 23rd, this report will add a number of key European and American games websites to comment on this book for the description of players.

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The Heart of the Kingdom series is a role created by Disney and SQUARE ENIX. Since its first "Heart of the Kingdom" (PlayStation 2) work in March 2002 was launched, 11 jobs (19 jobs including the Final Mix version) were published, and It is the 15th anniversary of March 2017 in the world A series of games that are popular to many who have been experiencing a " donated and sold over 25 million units.

"Kingdom of the Heart 3" is the latest work of the "Heart of the Kingdom" series created by Disney and SQUARE ENIX. It is also the "Dark Seeker" destination. Sola and others have learned that there is a series of battle that has been held from the "heart of the kingdom" in the Master Sayanotte plan that attempts to build the Keyblade War. So, to fight the face of the dark, they have to find a way to find 7 clear defenses. The King and Rick began to look for senior ambassadors. and Sola, Goofy, and Donald Duck turned their way to the different Disney world to find the "awakening power".

The Kingdom of the Heart 3 "European and American Americas website site

9.5/ 10Game Informer

  • Concept:To stop Sanofat's bloody blood, visit the Disney world with Sola people.
  • Photograph:The environment and character modules that look at the details of the highest levels in the series. In particular, the Disney world is very interesting and it's successful to reproduce the film.
  • Sound Impact:Shimomura Yoko has a style of production that hosts the "Heart of the Kingdom" emotional base. The classic Disney sound music will bring life to every world. Sola's look at & # 39; Research "Frozen" in music "Let it Go" to host people.
  • Play:The ship is very active for low activity, but it is very deep. As the different levels of difficulty have been prepared, the players with a variety of skills are very friendly, but the story is very difficult to solve.
  • Entertaining:Because the enemy is becoming more powerful, the game is more spectacular. Although I have been involved in many major developments, I have not lost the meaning of the series that values ​​the loyalists.
  • Stronghold:Low

Although not perfect, "Kingdom of the Heart 3" is a game I was waiting for a long time, which makes me happy after the game has been completely broken. With many Disney characters, you can take risks in a variety of ways, and you will download a lot of tough directors, allowing people to stimulate the effects of wine with the hope of the future. This series is still warm, and so it's so big.

9.0/ 10Unlocking

"Kingdom of Hearts 3" is a horrible task with ENIX SQUARE. The highest part of this world series is the tallest peak of the amazing studio. In addition to the very hard loyal players, there are even beginners who have nothing to do with them. Although there may be a detrimental effect on the same time as the last, there is no reason to lose the final chapter of the Dark Seventh.

9.0/ 10Worth playing

"Kingdom of the Heart 3" is a correct order. Although it has taken a long time to develop, it has been a good result, the most complex and fascinating end of the story is the most complicated story in the history of SQUARE ENIX. It is an exciting piece of work that is full of seals, laughter and binding. Although the problem is too low and it can be said that the story is very uncertain and other deficiencies, but not only to spell a fun of Sola revenge that can go with Donald Duck and the high flying dog.

90/ 100COG attached


  • Encouragement and an amazing battle

  • 60fps terrible visual impact

  • a funny conversation

  • Sound sound amazing

  • Games are very different

  • Lively lively film


  • Text subject in teaching method

  • A voice actress does not work well

  • Friend of Disney

  • A tough and difficult story

I'm 14 years old and I'm 27 years old, I'm very happy with "The Heart of the Kingdom 3". This is a Japanese inn play game used for Disney's best songs for the last 30 years. This line of signage is all promising in the # 39; strange and the story is unclear and complicated. Sola and his partners are happier than ever before, and he is very commendable. The authorities deal with the problem of ten-year-old people in the mid-2000s. And this work is full of the atmosphere that is to be completed, and from the beginning it is & # 39; making people feel that something is amazing to & # 39; come to an end. A loyal player needs to be delighted that all the details are made, and even a player that just starts to play; enjoying the same kind of animation of Disney and Japan. "Kingdom of the Heart 3" is one of the games I enjoyed in my heart for the last 13 years. Even though it's just a game that has been confirmed in the past, it has been technically developed. In some ways, this may be due to this. It is even more interesting.

90/ 100Games

"Kingdom of the Heart 3" is always remarkable, and its essential sense is to be a heart in the & # 39; game "Cridhe na Rìoghachd", and finally achieve … whether it is at a good or poor level.

But if you are so much in love with "Heart of the Kingdom" as I do, I believe that this will certainly be done; enjoy me. (As the supporters have done in Disneyland for many years) Find out the hidden Mickey and take pictures; the cooking elements will not be removed from the Pixar artwork "The Ratatouille", based on the main character of the story, etc. Stay, all kinds of details are really interesting.

The most important part of "Heart of the Kingdom" remains from the Disney elements, and "Kingdom of the Heart 3" is also fully understood. Even the story can even be too challenging a game even to show that players are loyal and satisfied. I do not say that the game has exceeded the first two routes, but "Kingdom of Hearts 3" is a very effective magic for my Disney powder.

4.5/5.0Digital Trends


  • Disney World Bean

  • Collector system

  • script is loyal to the original world

  • A new blade that causes a number of calamities

  • Great leader


  • Imaginative action planning

  • Full story too complicated

"Kingdom of the Heart 3" maintains a feeling of play similar to the jobs that disappeared during PS2 time, and its # 39; adding new game elements to make all the work very modern. The seven Disney worlds give magic knowledge to players, and the amazing work will be a great deal. even more dramatic battle. Although the whole story has a bad adverse effect on its knowledge; game, Kingdom of Hearts 3 is still a great deal of work.

4.5/5.0Trust reviews


  • The incredible head of the dark explorer

  • A richly licensed knowledge with great movements

  • There is much information that makes the Disney world valuable.

  • a story that replies


  • Like a hard boat

The story about soap, the strange world, and the great battle in the last minute gave me the enjoyment of the "Kingdom of the Heart 3" game.

4.5/5.0Harsh gamer

After 17 years, the Dark Days entered the end of its finalization. In "Heart of the Kingdom 3", the story between Sola and Sanoaite is ready, and the place for a new chapter is left. It is very rare recently, with an excellent and elegant voice actuary Picture of the style and very beautiful. There are several strange movements, as well as the different Disney worlds that are expressed through their game group. This is one of the most interesting and best things that you have; in playing "Kingdom of the Heart 3" itself. Despite the story's rhythm, the different images in the world of different levels, and the relationship between construction blocks and other issues, it is not possible to say that its correct boundaries are correct; game, but it will not afford the "Kingdom of Hearts 3" strengths. From the battle to the story of the picture, Kingdom of Hearts 3 delivers magic, influences and acts a series of loyal players who know them. Although he has been trying to & # 39; Waiting for ten years, "Kingdom of the Heart 3" is exactly the boundary that needs to be & # 39; wait.


"Kingdom of the Heart 3" is full of many elements, but there are many constraints of the traditional elements. Although the problem is slightly lower, the battlefield is still very modern. For the loyal players who have supported the series for many years, this is a time when they finally paid after paying for 17 years of love. In terms of induction, new players need to be prepared for a recession, as the amazing elements of Disney, and the beautiful and amazing battle await you in the game.

4.5/5.0Revolution Game

Like the poorer rhythm, the different lines within a fall, and a problem with; game, when Aisha "Let it Go" was sung and the first time by Hu Di and Bu Guang. At that time, he disappeared suddenly. It includes a & # 39; one-stop battle, and that "that" that I can not say publicly here. This game is full of months that you change with family, friends and other foreigners on the internet. It is a shared knowledge.

The final result that ends up an endurance that makes up for everything. For example, the series seems to be a difficult and difficult situation. Maybe it will bring a full day of the game, and the old fashioned belief that a friendship believes that the light will save everything. After you see the list of staff, you can easily feel your own & # 39; play this one-time game. Originally, "Cridhe na Rìoghachd 3" is a game that brings its own independent style into effect. You can finish the original suspicion. "The Heart of the Kingdom 3" came to land successfully, and successfully completed the Solar story.

8.7/ 10IGN

In his "Kingdom of Hearts 3" game experience, the SQUARE ENIX progression and the loyal replication of lively lively movie films made me really enjoyable. Although it is clear that the story of the game must be maintained; Strengthening, but they represent the spiritual basis of every globe and its; allowing players to enjoy them very much on fighting and exploring. Even if the story is over, you'll return to your camera immediately because of # 39; you want to collect the elements. Only the story of the series can end its object in this work. It's really good. There is enough time to think about it, and the end is not as spectacular, but it did not affect it. Looking back at the last time with the characters that appear in the series, it's a great pleasure; there. Even after a long time from the first part, "Kingdom of the Heart 3" does not appear to have been in & # 39; Depression of mind, which is really real.

8.0/ 10GameSpot


  • The Disney world is fascinating and fascinating

  • Disney and Pixar character groups with an interesting history story

  • Simplified and balanced and advanced


  • An uncertain war story

  • Some of the world's content content is scarce

  • Unsubscribe block game content

"Kingdom of the Heart 3" and the entire series left in memory, it was not the main attack and the person who was in charge of it; traveling in time, the burial dog that put the body back, and the remaining crisis in the world. He lives in my heart. It's an amazing war with Hercules (Heckels) to fought against the giants. This is his first reverence; to go to the new world with Le Pei. It's a selfie with Winnie the Pooh. Head David Jones. In 2002, I turned to Sola to Disneyland to make those new friends, and in 2019, I really enjoyed the journey that was returning home with those old friends.

8.0/ 10Unlocking

Kingdom of the Heart 3 may not be the highest level of completion, but people should be lonely feeling for Sola and his friends. Although the story is unscheduled, although its characteristic description has made mistakes, although the current production series is not dubbed, it is rarely committed to such a smile.

4.0/5.0Radar Games +


  • You can use a big key to destroy Disneyland's enemy

  • His loyalty is reflected in the Pixar world

  • At any time, it's like a battle during the march.

  • "Let it Go"


  • It was so sad that George R.R. would even have a nightmare story. Martin

  • Blocking block

  • "Spirit" is something happier

Although it's really tough, Disney is like a magic way, and has a great value to wait for many years.

4.0/5.0Game Rant

Having seen the vast sequence of stories, people can be involved in participating in the & # 39; War, but "Kingdom of the Heart 3" is a wonderful start-up that can make Lotte players fun. Although you may need to search for the name of an online character or a storytelling of the story 15 years ago, you will regret those doubts if you love the content of it; a game that will call a large teacup or roiler coaster until the director is banned.

4.0/5.0Screen Rant

"Kingdom of Hearts 3" is an experience that makes the series a joy for the players. It should be very strange for new people. The world is not consistent with the content of a game content, but in general there is still a response. Think of a series of loyal players. Even though there are a few furious and fierce minutes, it's still an amazing and different game.

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