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(Journalist Business News Journalist Zhong Rongfeng, Taipei, 20th) Hai yesterday was early in trading, falling below 1%, and the main partner shares fell by 4%. Foreign media said the demand for the new iPhones was not as expected, and Apple re-examined the entire bill.

Apple stock, internet and other technology began on the 19th century, leading to the end of the US stock three stock magazines. Nasdaq's index, which oversets technology stockings, fell over 3%. Apple stock price fell by 4% by the end of the 19th century, down 19.9% ​​from its high closure on October 3.

H Hon left the young man early in trade today, and the lowest rate reached 71.9 yuan, down 2%, and then returned to about 72.4 yuan, down 1.3%. Foreign-funded legal people sold more than 1 154 pieces of Chaoong Haida in the 19th century. Foreign-funded legal people have sold over 60,909 copies of Chaohonghai for 11 consecutive trading days, and a proportion of foreign-funded legal persons has dropped to 42.63%.

Wall Street Journal has talked to people who are familiar with the case, Apple's iPhone three iPhone demand is not as expected, they asked the supply chain to provide more ships but as a result of the The supply chain, but also Apple is harder to be able to; match your request for parts and iPhone. In the last few weeks, Apple has cut the production orders for three new iPhones.

The report said that the problem of iPhone XR application is very bad, and Apple is estimated to have a " repair order by 1/3 at the end of October.

Looking forward to the & # 39; Fourth quarter of operational performance, the local legalist found that the new sale would be for slower dollars, which impacted on the use of Hai's ability, and that it could Rest of profit prices decrease by 7% over the next few seasons.

The legal report that secured foreign funds from the US said that the new power of iPhone power boost could be in October.

However, in the fourth quarter, Hon Hai can benefit from the effect of the summer season. It is anticipated that legal bodies funded by a European foreigner will have an increase of 16% to 20% in a & # 39; Fourth in the performance of this One Hai season, with an opportunity to exceed $ 1.6 trillion, a single historical season. High, just a new year higher than the same time last year.

A legal report with a foreign-funded European funder said that Hai's fourth quarter results would need to monitor the growth of passengers between the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, which will affect on the overall iPhone sales price (ASP), but also Affecting the changes in Hai's fourth quarterly income and profit in the fourth quarter

The local legal report said that Hai Hai's profit in the fourth quarter also needs to have a FIH Mobile Limited subsidiary.

The legal groups funded from sources believed that this Hai Group could be able to; including 5.8-inch iPhone XS performance orders, and it is also considered that the iPhone XS Max order is 6.5-inch larger than 80%, and the XR iPhone conference order is about 50%.

The Japanese foreign investment research report said the iPhone XR would be cut 20% to 30% in a fourth quarter, and # 39; representing the complementary tools from November to January next year, which could be 40% to 50% lower than expected first. A quarter of the supply chain will impact and even the first half of the next year. (Editor: Huang Guolun) 1071120

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