There were five fangs on the spreads of Nasdaq scattered钜 亨 网 – stockings of the US

On Monday (19th), US stocks dropped dramatically. As a result of global economic growth concerns and trade tensions, all stocks fell into technology-based technology sources, and the technology-based Nasdaq application dropped 3.3% . , its lowest closing price is from the beginning of its; May, dropped by 13% from higher on 29 August.

Due to the very worst report from it, the scene is mixed! Facebook (FB-US), Amazon (AMZN-US), Apple (AAPL-US), Netflix (NFLX-US) and Alphabet (GOOGL-US) have declined regularly in the last 6 weeks , from 52 weeks With its highest point from the & # 39; highest point, the five stallions lost a loss of almost $ 1 trillion, and Wall Street has described a good market as 20% or more falling from the 52-week high level of stock.

Fangs dropped from 52 weeks high:

On Monday, Facebook and Apple stock impacted on the decline in technology stock. Foreign media said Apple has charged orders for three new phones in September in the past weeks, confirm that Apple's suppliers have previously included a Face ID representative with Lumentum provider and JDI screen maker. Apple's joint shareholding contractual liability caused a fall.

The recent press releases made by Facebook as Russian media, breakdown news and slim have been fighting, and the company's share price has been tough. On Monday, the Chief Executive of Zu Kebo and Sheryl Sandberg's senior manager. The effects of the activists are independently, the share share of Facebook is huge.

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