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State merchants are very good at the start of Chen Qimai! I'm hopeful about the evening of the 18th night of the Bean Maigang Chen Farm. Many retailers have come to visit a week ago. Someone came to the previous day card, and in the beginning of the & # 39; When a cartoon was not in a chair, they came to look for a good seat too. The family and grandchildren have not come to Guandong's cooking stalls for three generations, and they must also support Chen Qimai.

Some people were preparing for cooking something, and Guandong's cooking stalls on the roadside were very lively. A family of three generations of grandfather and grandfather came to help. The stalls also added a number of flags of Chen Qimai. As well as the opportunity to invade the party, they also emphasized Chen Qimai. Vendor: "There are drinks, sausages, black wheels, and blood of seals."

▲ The three generations of a grandfather and grandchildren came to establish a party and establish a state to support Chen Qimai.

The headteacher said he wanted to stay in the nearest place of place. Cha b & # 39; He can not give his cart. He had to go back to the next place. The stalls had been long standing from the stalls. It's too late to come to see. There is no opportunity. Seller: "Some people came early and came to live in a place a week ago."

▲ The headteacher said there was a merchant who came to his cart in a week ago.

The seller said: "I just wanted to try out, and I have not yet submitted it (and the logistics supply is correct.) Yes." This woman went to the floor of the base to set up a stall and first sold the black wheel. The oldest open traders today, hopeful about the business opportunities that the people gave at night, also made a few packs of black wheels, fears that they did not sell enough.

▲ Nail traders are scared without sufficient selling, and stocking amount is a n; duplicate and duplicate.

He said: "I've lost my products when I started the party, and I've now been doubling today." There is room for running this souseal steel, Korean Yu. I'm hopeful that Chen Qimai's vision is better today. There are several times in stock, although there is money to earn where they are running, but there are many people in South Korea, the range does not; going to attack, but only to reach Chen Qimai's weight to build a cottage to support the support that his supporters did not already have The commitment to shopkeepers. (Group: Huang Yunwei Interactive Editor)

▲ Many retailers have taken business opportunities early.

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