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▲ Mr Lu Chaosheng, Chairman of Kang Management. (钜 亨 网 资料 照)
▲ Mr Lu Chaosheng, Chairman of Kang Management. (钜 亨 网 资料 照)

Kangkong (4943-TW) nowadays (19) had a law saying they were " Looking forward to the next year, its company identified that parts outside the equipment and optical parts would be launched and collaboration with Qihong for cutting into New applications and new customers of sound components. Chairman Lu Chaosheng is hopeful that next year's performance will be up to 20% this year, and will be targeted at the # 39; this year in the future.

The outside world is responsible for building Kaihong with Kangkong. Kangkong, in collaboration with Qihong, said that he would be able to expand new products, such as new products such as Bluetooth strandless steel, and can also introduce other camping sets that Ping does not have to help develop. Single results and consumer focus issues.

Kangkong's board of directors also passed the & # 39; plan to restore 60 million yuan plus 40 million yuan to buy the old shares back. It is expected that he will get the 13-14% Qihong balance and strengthen the relationship between the two parties.

In the flexible components, Kang Control's main books are car lenses and a light lens, and car lenses have embarked on the suppliers of suppliers of Europe, the first quarter of the high- As a result of next year's light, and the light light into the land factory, evaluated in two With the growth of the ferries, the revenue of the flexible components is counted for 3 -5% next year.

The order, it is expected that the use of vehicles will be double yearly from 500 million yuan this year to 1 billion yuan. The shared estimate will increase to 15%.

Lu Chaosheng is hopeful that the computer parts will start in the first half of the next year. It is anticipated that parts will be similar to the work in the second half of the year. In addition, new products and new materials are launched, and are cut into non-Apple customers. Level, the target can maintain this level annually.

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