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The President Tsai Ing-wen went to Zhenan Palace in the Daunty District of the Taichung City for saying that he had a lot of misleading and misleading newspapers, and asked people to make a reasonable judgment and voting. (Reporter Ou Sumei)

2018-11-18 18:25

Chief Executive, Tsai Ing-wen, said the president of Chen Ju today announced that Wu Dunyi, who was the chairman of Kuomintang the Chinese, was announced when he left Daan District town, Taian City, he said, when political figures speak, they need to maintain special levels. There is an excuse showing democracy progress in Taiwan. She hopes to hold the election culture in the days ahead. When the Golden Horse Awards go to; Describes the words "overlapping family" and "Taiwan Taiwan", President Cai stressed that we have never been able to. Taiwan, China, Taiwan.

When Wu Dunyi went south to Kaohsiung to help the election, he described the "Juventud event" broke by Chen Ju and criticized "his wife alive" and "fat and nutrition ", and later took an excuse for her & lost.

Wu Dunyi attacks Cai Ying: a & # 39; showing democracy and progress

Tsai Ing-wen, president of the Senior Democratic Party, interviewed Tai & Larger Lin Jialong's media, seeking re-election for Tain City masters. The election was very tight, but the politics spoke. It is still essential to maintain special standards and some styles. Wu Dunyi's voice was never unsuitable. He had a bad demonstration in a democratic society. He apologized today and showed Taiwan's democracy progress. He hopes to keep the election in the days ahead. Culture.

At the Golden Horse Awards event, the final film makers mentioned the words "overlapping family" and "Taiwan Taiwan". Tsai Ing-wen said there is no "Taiwan" for Taiwanese. Respect, we have never accepted the phrase "China Taiwan". Taiwan is in Taiwan and is a society of democracy, openness and freedom.

Tsai Ing-wen said film staff are welcome to come to Taiwan to exchange and even create together. She also reminded us, when we reach Taiwan, we must respect the feelings of Taiwan's people. He also said that the director Fu Wei and Minister of Culture, Minister Zheng Lijun, were attacked on the internet afterwards. She reminded the public that she was a "democratic society and a free speech society. We should not be attacked by those ideas. Trouble the mind."

Xiaoying is considered to be a very good tax on the water: fake news is expressed

Tsai Ing-wen visited the New York Palace in Daisy, in particular, praising the Jamaong Lin Navy, and said that Yunlin knew, Changhua and Taichung Town said that the government had to collect enough taxes. It also shows that this selection has a lot of bad news. The people in the loud voice listeners said, "This is a slippery." Cai President said, "Yes, this is a smear." People are being asked to use a reasonable judgment to choose the chosen mariner who works very much and does; encourage people. I went out to vote.

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