Tudo / 泫雅 There is no more open "100% Suyan" on a magazine magazine Funny NOWnews News today

▲ 泫 雅 素 颜 拍 杂志. (figure / graziakorea IG)

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The junior diary was from China on August and the two young people Dawn were 2 years old. net and caused a lot of debate among web users. However, due to his & # 39; love, left the Cube Entertainment for ten years. Su Yan's film covers the fashion magazine and the interior page, and everyone disturbed their skin.

▲ 泫 雅 素 颜 登 时尚 导 志 Cover. (figure / graziakorea IG)

At this time, it is open to the genuine image, this month, with the cover of the fashion magazine "GRAZIA", the official GRAZIA IG 5 took pictures of her beauty and film, saying Yuya is Everything is taken away, it's 100% Su Yan has been in front of her camera and webpages invited to explore Yuya's true word. Successful message to & # 39; mail discussing the people.

The fans saw Yan Yasu Yandeng magazine coverage, and they were amazed at hearing their skin's magic skin. They did not want to make their friends. They said with a humorous commentary: "It's not surprising that E Dawn falls in love with her!" The answer was very enthusiastic.

▲ The magazine is to ensure that there is nothing in Yanya. (figure / graziakorea IG)
▲ 泫 雅 素 颜 拍 杂志. (figure / graziakorea IG)
▲ 泫 雅 素 颜 拍 杂志. (figure / graziakorea IG)
▲ 泫 雅 素 颜 拍 杂志. (figure / graziakorea IG)

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