V facal down to send splash! Women's arrest is unreasonable on the platform. These nurses have been trying to tackle my problem for help

▲ Shots at Banqiao Station. (Figure / user gave Wang Yazu)

▲ Banqiao Station was held on the platform at the platform. A nurse is on the PO network site. I hope Taiwanese people get more love. (Figure / User Wang Yazu given, not through at least)

Reporter Cao Yuehua Report / Interview

When someone wants help in the public, do you want to? come forward and come out? When a mother working as a nurse waiting for a train, she and she meet the catching of female travelers suddenly. She will go directly to handle and go to. scratch as "call to station staff." The listeners are silent until they enter it. When the girl started to help on the stage, somebody helped him and she made a sad feeling about the love of the Taiwanese.

The name Wang was named as the teacher who shared this information in a & # 39; the Bursting Commune Facebook community and gave a lot of conversation. In an interview with the reporter "ETtoday News Cloud", the event was reported at 8:00 a.m. on the 18th. Many of the voices of the station platform shouted, no one was willing to help, and I gave my daughter and moved to the middle of the platform to find someone who asked for help. Eventually, a boy was willing to help when the sound tube was sent out and forth; ask for help, only to find station staff and medical care. Staff support.

▲ Shots at Banqiao Station. (Figure / user gave Wang Yazu)

▲ Wang's nurse told him who had not even told her some voices, so that volunteer wanted to go out to help station staff and medical staff. (Figure / User Wang Yazu given, not through at least)

"I heard the first time, but I thought it was wrong. Looking back, there were people who were not right. The whole person was similar to the V format went on and looked around and found out that he was already causing. Miss Wang was a white heart, "It's right to have a contagious illness. If it's uncomfortable micocardial, it will be harder. "She could not help explain.

The reporter to ETtoday News Cloud Miss Wang said that this is the second time she met with a tummy on the stage. She thinks that this was the case, but she also said she would not think she was because she was just Nurses, on the scene, all who were in an Aber, a sister-married, without anybody standing, the effects will not be abusive. She also appealed to the Taiwanese people to play their love. The slight movement of the world can change.

Ms Wang also believes that Taiwan staff should be able to ask for help at any stage on the stage to prevent any emergency and that no one can Any comment and help. She & she; Feeling if she is not crying for help, she does not know that someone is decaying. Then, the emergency button settings on the platform should be more visible.

In response, Bhanqiao's headmaster responded that there were 2 cars in February, the time was around 08:09. When the passengers heard, the station manager (Li Yinwei), the value manager (Chen Guanlin) and the guide (Huang Zanlin) went into the case. At the time At that time, the travelers were burned to the ground, and a traveler was helped with a passionate woman to raise his height and indicated that he was a medical staff. At the same time, the information officer (Huang Jiayi) was told about the road policemen and his early railway nurse and ambulance. When the wounded traveler was more aware, even though he was always in communication, He still asked to be able to get medical medicine. He was not willing to cite his family.

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