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▲ Wang Linglin (nice), Dongsen Group president, natural beauty. (Picture of Narrator Wang Wanning 钜 亨 网)
▲ Wang Linglin (nice), Dongsen Group president, natural beauty. (Picture of Narrator Wang Wanning 钜 亨 网)

After the Dongsen group entered the main material entity and "Natural Beauty", the President of the Wang Linglin Group today (19) said Dongsen Beauty's future development has four main setting business strategies. 1000 companies have grown dramatically to 3,000, and Taiwan will expand from 240 places to 500. At the same time, Beauty Beauty will be a " Increase the sale of health products, thus reaching more client groups and their clients; Increasing consumer unit prices.

Dongsen explained that Natural Beauty will expand its distribution and its output; making channel transformation. In Taiwan, it will increase the development of directories, from the two to the 11ths; at the moment, and the opening of North Town is the third place in Taiwan before the end of the year. Then it goes south, including Banqiao, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung.

Wang Linglin also said that direct sources can be used to train beautifully talented talents. At this time, its company has started to & # 39; Talk to students in the area of ​​beauty and beauty. These young students will be able to become the seeds of the trading stores in the future.

On the other hand, Beauty Beauty will expand its output line directly and then; developing its materials, which enhances the natural beauty product line with Dongsen's self-contained health care materials, and Creating higher income income. At the same time, natural beauty will be updated from the SPA brand to its international beauty. Keep up the logo and provide a complete portfolio of home care for users.

Dongsen also plans to revitalize the logo through its Media media resources, and to increase its re-purchase and embedding level by sending it up to date. exploiting the expertise of Mirror shopping members and large data development.

At this time, 90% of natural beauty income comes from the Chinese market. Dongsen is a trying to help Taiwan's natural beauty market directions, including valuable customers and new customers, and aim to bring new customers from 25-39 years to & Age. Improving salary to main income and its beauty, and its & # 39; Estimates that 2000 jobs will be created in Taiwan within two years.

Wang Linglin was stressing her & her; Dongsen group, has a relevance in R & D and manufactured plants for Natural Dongsen. After Dongsen has entered the company, it is expected that the level of operation will be drawn up, and the young enterprises will be hired by expanding their shop.

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