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Why is Haibawang investing in Kaohsiung? Destruction of bare analysis: Xiaoying shot! – Zhongshi Newsletter

Kaohsiung, Mayor Korea Yubi, March 26th Merchandise, announced the announcement, Yu Korea as the laird, Prime Minister Lai Zhengyi to bring an enterprise group to Kaohsiung. Han name in the & # 39; Meeting, Haibawang, invested 8,000 billion yuan, Kaohsiung said as "The majority increase." President Cai said it was a family-based investment in Haibawang. He took part in Kaohsiung for "benefit and compassion". It can be decided that Xiaoying started to move forward for 2020 president election and proposed consideration and analysis. Look.

On the 26th, Korea Korea attended the Chinese Merchants Association in the Zuoying Liantan Hall. Korean Korean said at & # 39; meeting. "I visited Haibawang two days ago. He said," We have been elected by the Secretary of State, we will increase our confidence and confidence; Kaohsiung decision. Holding 8 billion yuan in a & # 39; former town. "Han's name indicated that Hai Bawang was currently 8 billion yuan in Kaohsiung. He also gave Kaohsiung on" the southern giant ".

The webpage broke the buck and broke a picture. (Figure / taken from forum to forum forum)

Netizen mmc109815038 sent a message to the member; Attending a forum, he first explained that "Golden Flow, this is a medium-sized Tsai English family business based on an estate and equipment business, Haibawang group retains majority of Zhengzhong Company's shares, Haibawang Cai's tenancy The English-speaking property business, "Hai Bawang is supporting China ", doing a business on the mainland, saying that Hai Bawang was a Cai family business."

Haizawang went out to Kaohsiung to support South Korea. It is sure that Tsai Ing-wen made the way forward for the president's election in 2020, if Cai Shengxuan had this opportunity less than 30%. If Cai misses, this chance is more than 70%, Cai has secretly given support to South Korea, Korea has released the largest giant of the Kuomintang, and then Han stops the protection of political protection do Tsai Ing-wen.

The website also believes that this is the principle of ambitiousness on both sides. The Cai family is English; first royal estate star. After that, he is a politician. This small win is a huge benefit, and the loss is at least reduced. "

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