Will you make a long coffee? Research confirmed: Yes! It can also avoid dementia Health Guidelines Health care

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Will you make a long coffee?

Will. In 2017, the year's book published a medicine within a well-known EPIC survey in 10 European countries and hundreds of thousands of American MECs. In 1992-2000, the remainder was recruited with 521,330 people over 35 years, from 10 European countries. 451,743 participants were included in the survey, the standard coffee cup collection that each partner would complete; monthly, weekly or daily use during their first inspection, as well as other food, lifestyle practices, anthropometric data, and liver activity. , circulatory infections and bio-marketer-related metabolism data.

The results, compared to people who did not drink, had a lower level of dying at the highest percentage of universal death deaths, with the death of a male; 12% drop and women fall 7%. The dying rate of excavated diseases has fallen sharply, with men falling 59% and 40% women. For women, dying with 22% digestive diseases, the death of cerebrovascular diseases decreased by 30%, but ovarian cancer is not known, currently up 31%, perhaps some remote heterocyclic comparisons of coffee And inter- genetic distinction.

The US researcher received over 215,000 ethnic groups aged 45 to 75 years old in Hawaii and Los Angeles from 1993 to 1996, including Japanese Americans, lunar, Hawaiian natives, Americans Africans and Latinos. There were 185,855 participants involved in the inspection survey, with 58,397 deaths in the 16,2 year average of continuity. After controlling smoking, compared to those who did not drink coffee,People who drink coffee have a lower fatality rate, with 1 cup of coffee that falls 12% per day, 2-3 cups of coffee and # 39; 18% drop by day, and ≥ 4 cups of coffee per day also fall by 18%. In the range, fatigue levels are lower at higher coffee numbers.

In the coffee words on page 238 of this book, coffee lover, US High Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes lived 94 years, and Dawenhao Voltaire can handle 40 cups of black coffee every day, live to 84 years, others. He is also over the age of 51. It was not late in the 19th century, so coffee should not be caused early. However, life expectancy must consider many of the factors. These examples do not prove but more coffee does not normally drink to; survival, but can not be transcribed.

Dying can reduce disease, but it has nothing to die with cancer. In addition to Lehrer 2014's ongoing study of breast cancer 96 women, Lehrer found that he drinks three cups or more daily drinks compared to each day. In coffee, the level of dying is high, and some studies have found that the degree of colorectal cancer can survive, most have seen that there is no important link to Drinking coffee, maybe better alive than a & # 39; stay old, so I personally drink every day Three cups of coffee are very suited.

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