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(Media News Industry Reporter Zheng Jingwen, Taipei, 18th) The 55th Golden Horse Awards were out. The "Shadow" won the biggest prize this year, the Best Director Award, Best Visual Impact, Best Art Design and Best Design. In addition, the best feature of the best feature film, was found by "the elephant sitting on the ground."

The 55th Golden Horse Prize event was held at the National Memorial Hall of Dr. in Taipei on the 17th. Following the meeting, Chairman of the Golden Golden Presiding Committee, Li An, and Executive Director of the Jinma Action Committee, Wen Tianxiang, replaced Jury Chairman, Gong Li, to explain the review process.

Wen Tianxiang said the review process was very smooth. The selection of the film was best discussed for 70 minutes. It's the biggest biggest debate about it; Gong Li hoped that each film researcher could publish and support a film.

On the night before a vote, the jury will forward ideas and voting in advance as a basis for debate on his / her; official meeting of the next day. "The elephant sits on the ground" stable in the first voting round. "It's not the day of drugs that I", "the last land The night is tied for the second one.

The actress is the most contestant actress. Every football at the end of the game is very supportive, but in the " First round of voting, no one has passed the first half, so they have to abolish the law. The last inspection is focusing on Qiu Ze, Duan Yihong, Xu Wei, and finally After three tours of voting, Xu Wei won the game and Duan Yihong played a suit.

Wen Tianxiang said that Qiu Ze's share of people who knew it had been restored. He did not know Qiu Ze's review, he was Feeling his accomplishment was full of motivation; Duan Yihong almost did not have the greatest strength of the movie, and the film was with play, sometimes it's hard.

Finally, the film maker Xu Wei stood. The judge thought it was the hardest work he had done. Although it was funny, there was a way for the audience to feel so sadly & he was to his drama skills.

Xie Yingzhen's heroic win his first visit. Wen Tianxiang told him that Gong Li loved Xie Yingzhen and he thought that performance Xie Yingxi was too strong and he went into the job completely.

He also won the women's game and the game in the first round. Ding Ning and Hui Yinghong had a & # 39; competition hard; Yuan Fuhua and Tian Zhuangzhuang and Li Hongqi were competing.

The director also has a & # 39; Zhang Yimou's first round, and Wanma got hold of him. The new director is so competitive. Wen Muye and Hu Bo have only 2 votes, and eventually Wen Muye is winning. The new actor won his first round of Zhong Jiajun, and the jury suggested it was very good. (Editor: Tang Shengyang) 1071118

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