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Recreation Center / Targeted Report

Wu Peik actress was born a woman and two sons for the wealthy businessman Ji Xiaobo. Although she had a marriage, she was still sitting on her lover for a long time. However, he started a few days ago. Ji Xiaobo is a new girlfriend, "22 year old" star girl, Lin Yun. In this regard, Wu Peik gave out to Zhenggong temper and he succeeded in a & # 39; Lin Yun broke with "she does not know her," her care and affection. In the 19th century, Wu Peici made a picture of "a family of five" for the first time. It seems that the status is incapable.

▲ ▼ The Wu Peik is a wealthy businessman Billiire Ji Xiaobo Wannian. (Figure / Discharged from Weibo)

Wu Peici and the 10-bit story of Ji Xiaobo's sister's sister, have had a lot of attention from the outside world. She helped the person to give birth to three children but she does not have a name. In the last four years, she has been a fiancée and used the outside world as a rest. He says that she says she has given Ji Xiaobo a career and has stayed in Hong Kong to focus on her husband, but she did not name her. Ji Jia allowed her, and the bride gave her a 10.4 carat ring on her birthday. Ji Xiaobo is a big man who has released her $ 20 billion and also has a valuable value of NT $ 2 billion in Hong Kong.

▲ ▼ Wu Peici lost and the boy Ji Xiaobo boy long the same box. (Figure / Discharged from Weibo)

Wu Xiaobo recently broke. The "Star Girl" Lin Yun was 22 years old in double induction, very close friends. Wu Pei-ci was horrible and replied: "If you are not familiar with her, only 22 years old. Permit. In the 19th century, Wu Peici made a family picture at IG. Ji Xiaobo and Wu Pei-ci in the same frame for a long time. Around the three children, Ji Xiaobo also defeated Wu Pei-ci, who broke the truth about emotions.

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