Yao Wenzhi said "China wants to choose the president." Ke P: All countries to come to get election campaign 9-a-1 | Today's news

Taipei Main Taipei Ke Wenzhe went to Market Shilin on the 20th to clear the streets. (Figure / Ko is provided, 2018.11.20)

Yao Wenzhi, a representative of the Democratic Party of Democracy in Taipei, said "Taiwan University Medical News" as President of Taipei Ke Wenzhe once said "China wants to choose the president." In response, Ke Wenzhe said today (20) when he was a seaman, Many people visited him. Not only does China, but also many countries in the United States, want Japan and Britain. He said he had no place before election because he hated the commitment of politicians to be able to; persecution. What is the person who goes across the political field? "

Ke Wenzhe said that this issue was a big problem in his / her question; elect his chair. It was frightening that there was a fear that people would doubt it. So there was no foundation, no party, or national organization, and it was not. There is no similar plan for its project.

Ke Wenzhe said that many people are always going to " This case is a matter, and even given him an imaginative enemy. They are repeatedly recited on this topic in the media and in the # 39; mouth. In fact, not only Taiwan, many Taiwan-based candidates in Taiwan came to visit. I will certainly ask this question, "Do you want to choose the president? Is there any plan?"

Ke Wenzhe emphasized the fact that the correct statement is that "someone in China wants me to choose", because not only China, but also the United States, Japan and Britain.

Ke Wenzhe said that the election of his / her president has become a major factor in Taiwan's elections. The whole situation is unusual. So, I'm going to I feel that I should do what I want to do and do things well. "I want to think the West every day and get the whole situation." What is the benefit of Taiwan?

Yao Wenzhi asked, "Who wants to choose the election?" Ke said, when thinking disasters and pupils on the mainland, when he was appointed as an owner. In fact, not just China. "More on China, the United States, Japan and Britain. Every country is asking, some reporters, some are even like official organizations, and all of them ask.

The media questioned whether it was justified by 2020 without a president before election. Ke Wenzhe said he was disturbed by this. Taiwan political figures spoke. "I do not really enjoy the type of incentive, and I promise quickly. Those who say they want to pull away from politics, are they away from politics? " Is the parable of the lament lamenting Yao Wenzhi? Ke did not answer.

Press the media again, that Yao Wenzhi has been a thriller in the future. Is there a way to vote? Green Camp to be reinforced? Ke Wenzhe said that this is not the way he hopes. Everyone thinks at the end of the election. We all respect and think. "I do not want to enter, just respond honestly, or else."

Chen Jingjun, former DPP's minister, helped stand up the stage. Yao Wenzhi asked to handle the DPP. Ke Wenzhe said that Chen Jingjun is a very faithful and senior member of the Advocate Democratic Party. He does not say to stand on the stage, he has to "move hard". Taiwan elections should not be too difficult.

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