Yu is not South Korea in a public service Kaohsiung, a Xiaobian response to online emigration. United News Network – udn United News

  1. Yu Korea does not appear in a Kaohsiung public service representative and he is Responding to emigration of websites United News Network udn United States
  2. Netizens: South Korea He was elected the Yu Kaohsiung Big National Games who welcomed the prophecy
  3. It's a good year in Korean Korean Yu to have a & # 39; South East Asia for a holiday that will be edited publicly by Xiaobian News of Politics NOWnews today
  4. Finally, I've been off for 6 days! Korean Yu, wife and daughter, Bali Island Resort │ News TV TV TV News
  5. It's "Han Bing" in the # 39; shop! When doing business on the mainland, she and she runs back to Kaohsiung to make a lot of money.
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