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The sisters of the Taiwanese women's network Zhan Ruran / Zhan Yuqing, who won the second place in Open Open Qatar then won the WTA Dubai Women's Tennis Competition this week. On the afternoon of the 18th century, the 32th battle was handed over to the Indian Tang Ruri (Prarthana). Thombare) / Eva Wacanno, Jane's sister's 16th highest wins 6: 2, 6: 2, and also won five consecutive effects in the Middle East.

The total prize money at Dubai Women's Tennis Championship is $ US $ 2.822 million (approximately $ 77.72 million). It's only running in the four main competitions at a & # 39; professional tennis competition. This is a & # 39; Premier Premier WTA's "Premier 5" competition. In a competition, another Taiwan web player thanked Shu Wei to challenge the event. The singles are also on to 32.

Zhan's sisters took advantage of her. A trip after the closing last week. On the 18th, his first game of the first game broke through the opponent's service. The second seat broke out; first game and won 3: 0.

The second round of "Double Zhan" looks at Viktoria Kuzmova / Ajla Tomljanovic le Slòcaia. As the Kada sisters won the competition, they will leaving for Dubai the next day. Through Facebook powder, the day said: "Go to Dubai in a non-stop way ~ ~ To win the first round today!" Sister Zhan Ruran allowed the swimmers to play before, and free of the figure, and wrote: "Onwards A full day of movement is the next day of the finals Under the tough time, the worst time is to leave the bed at Four Seasons Hotel Duha. "

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