Taiwanan monks have a crack of sex drugs


Monk Kai Hong. Picture: South China Morning Post.

Monk Kai Hong. Photograph: TuesdaySouth Westerly

Video film by Kai Hong, general secretary of the Chinese Burgundian Youth Association of Taiwan, who wandered around in the bed in a non-runner-up situation by a man and his wife; Catching the drug posted on Mirror Media, follow TuesdaySouth Westerly

Mirror Media did not reveal the time and position of his video, but he commented on an unnamed source saying that Kai had been extremely enjoyable with long-term drugs and organizing gender organizations with other monks at Teampull Tongshan, where Kai used.

The ruler of Tongshan Temple in northwest Taiwan, has been killed on November 29 for Kai Hong on November November for the destruction of church control. Taken as a "promotion star" in the Taiwanese Buddhist church, Kai is actively involved in young fans and regularly teaches at summer camps.

Kai says that it's wrong and the video is broadcast online as part of a Tremhan Trampan Flaming Campaign where there is a ban on the # 39; Kai came to the building. Local police inspected the event.

Some pictures of Kai Hong's legs are cut out of their video. Photograph: SCMP.

Some pictures of Kai Hong's legs are cut out of their video. Photograph: SCMPSouth Westerly

The video is said to have been released by a man who loved Kai and a monk at Tongshan Temple. In some of the videos, Kai speaks directly to her; camera seems to drift the drug. Some other parts will show Kai a & # 39; spin itself.

Chairman of the Taiwan Buddhist Society, Jing Yao, said Kai had control, but he found that Kai had no connection or Tongshan Temple or his / her; governing body.

This is not the first crack that is involved in this Chinese banqueting church this year. In August, Xuecheng's mother, Longquan temp abbot in Beijing, was charged with a harassment of black women, including giving them a message and taking them to sex. Xuecheng's head is a & # 39; Chinese Buddhist Society, but he retired and the police are being investigated.

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