Taiwanan monks were removed from the temple for sex and poor drugs


Buddhist leader in Taiwan, China is split out of the temple for sex and poor drugs.

Monk Kai Hong.Monk Kai Hong.

A video film of Kai Hong, 29, secretary of the Chinese Burgundian Youth Association of Taiwan, has gone into bed with another man and using amphetamine amphetamines broadcast by Mirror Media. Loan posted.

Mirror Media did not say where and when it was filming, but he named an unnamed source saying that Kai's long-term drug slogan, organized "sex parties" by other monks at Tongshan temple , where he used it.

Video with an old master with Kai and a monk at Tongshan Temple. He said he had downloaded 200 giogabytes of video data from another person's computer who also had a romantic relationship with Kai and sent Kai three careful sections to the ruler of Tongshan Temple.

Parts of the Kai video movie talk to her & # 39; camera while they are under drugs, and in other videos it seems that the monk can record their own functions.

The ruler of Tongshan Temple, located in Gongguan Town in northwest Taiwan, says that Kai was from the temple on November 13 to "prevent the control of the church."

Two months before being removed from the temple, Kai moved to Temple Miaoli Chongfo in the nearby Miaoli area with "twelve followers," the report said.

Pictures of the Kai Hong monk are cut off from the cutting.Pictures of the Kai Hong monk are cut off from the cutting.

It is considered to be a prominent figure in the Buddhist church in Taiwan today, Kai has influenced young fans and is regularly preached at summer camps.

On video & # 39; commenting on his concerns, Kai refused the allegations and said that the video was part of a smear campaign directed by Tongshan Temple, in which Kai was involved in a debate about his account. Products. Local police are exploring the event.

Before being scanned, the head of the party chose Jardin Yao, one of the Chinese Buddhist Young People's Association in Taiwan, and the Main News Agency said on November 19.

Mr Jing confirmed that Kai had control, but said he was not related to his behavior, Teampall an Tongshan or the Chinese Burding Youth Association in Taiwan.

"I'm sorry about Kai Hong's misconduct when they have had an adverse impact on the Burding world."Jing said. "I also feel embarrassing not to & # 39; conduct behavior as a monk. "

Jing also said that he was seeking legal advice after being accused of a local newspaper about a & # 39; taking into account Kai's behavior, an old Jing user.

This is not the first time the filming was connected to the & # 39; The Buddhist Society this year. In August, the Chinese Communist Society, Thich Truong Thanh, was opposed to the genre of sexual assault at the Longquan Temple in Beijing. Cheng had to resign his position and was investigated by the police.

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