Taiwan's stock after market – cultivated cultivation stocks to a lower safe base and 2.47 points to hold 9700 points.钜 亨 网 – Taiwan stock


Taiwan stock today (21) fell in the early days of the US stock market 550 points, the first gap is just open, once it drops below the 9700 support, but the sources are a & # 39; backbacks, and the strongest Asian asian stocks, Taiwan stock Small and medium-sized stockings were split and gutted; hitting. After the index was lower, slower slower was slow. Last price fell 2.47 points 9741 closure points, with a change of 101.2 billion yuan.

The bad news of Scotland has banned US stocks, coupled with poor performance of many stocks, which surprised their market, including sales, energy and technology stock, which fell 550 points, which just the Philadelphia Semiconductor Inner Industry was stable. A small increase of 1.81 points also promoted Taiwan semiconductor stock to support the & # 39; market and be a long-standing indication today.

TSMC opened lower in the morning and then bought low. Market prices set just 1 yuan to close at 219 yuan. The market value of Hon Hai was under mega yuan, and the price of an overseas investment target was reduced by Apple. Impact, keep the stock price up below, look at a 70 yuan defense battle, but the last situation is still under the flat, get flat red.

There are also high price stocks in good movement. Da Liguang has risen by 30 yuan to close at 3,345 yuan. In addition, Xuxi, Xinyi, Xiangshuo, Dajiang, Jingzheng, Lirui-KY, Mude, and Ruhong maintained the increase. The pattern, in which the spectrum – kY rises more than half the stop, the show is the tallest tallest talons.

Under the TSMC guidance, its divisional group has a strong position, and the strongest movement is the strongest. Jiajing, Shengyang, Mao, Hanlei and a daily everyday attack finish, and the IC also has a good picture, the daily end of Aegis, Tianzhu, Jingding, Fuding, Xiangshuo, Liji, Weisheng, Sitong, Danone, and creative industries, etc. 3% increase also increased by 3%.

Remote components also dropped slightly today, the country has risen more than half a table, and the number has also risen to 26,000, which has moved to Huaxinke and Xinchangdian stock prices rising at the same time. The overall movements of the regular partner agencies, and including the law. The strong daily rest, as well as Dehong, Hezheng, Damai, Dayi, Xianfeng, Taihong, etc., are also more than 2%.

Usually, the legal judge indicated that there will be nine at one home in this weekend, and then there will be a G20 high-level meeting in the world. The results of the Sichuan Society will affect its & # 39; international stock market, as well as the OBAO OPEC Training Conference and the US Military Association. They are all held apart, and there are still international changes in politics and economic. It is expected that the waiting area will remain strong.

The legal person confirms that the US military war is still burnt. If Sichuan Xihui is a? solution to market negotiations it is still reserved. At this time, the long-term and long-term mobile averages of Taiwan stock are kept up short.

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