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It is expected that the Taiwanese version of the "Terms Fat Coffee Terms" CRS will be on the way in 2019. Taiwan officially engages in global tax avoidance. The accountant will recommend three steps for financial review. Early review of the financial situation of persons or companies, and the correct use of financial instruments such as insurance policies and trusts to remind members of the public for preparing for the property of the family in advance, not only there is a chance to give wealth to future generations, but also to avoid taxation.

With the "Standard Reporting Standard" (CRS) growing as a guide for banks in each country, the Taiwanese version of the Output Regulations designed by the Ministry of Finance of the Chinese Republic will be launched next year. It is expected that financial institutions will appear for their & first time in June 2020, 9 For the first time, financial account information for the month.

By exchange of information, the global financial account of the family will be unpublished. Guo Zongming, deputy director of Qicheng United Accounting Firm, praised the three financial audit measures. Initially, take possession for almost 5 to 7 years and review the money. Secondly, select the appropriate installment of the relevant finance or payment center, and save the statement for confirmation. Third, if there is much overseas cover and income outside 5 to 7 years, there is a tax risk. You should talk to a financial expert as quickly as possible to prove that the relevant practices are offensive.

Global taxes are becoming more prominent. Besides being & # 39; Investigating the financial situation of people or companies, the CITIC Bank proposes that family tax legacy plans should be established as soon as possible under tax surrender. It is necessary to consider more than a common wealth estate, and it is not carelessly to pay too much tax or family dispute rates. Most customers have a & # 39; affecting the rich estate, a concern that their children will have a wealth too early, but they do not have better financial management capacity, and they do not; using a donation contribution of $ 2.2 million per annum, and this may provide a high estate tax in the future.

In terms of the choice of wealth management tools, the CITIC Bank stated that a family trust plan can be based on the time the client has to give (including a gift or prejudice estate), considering level of family member career and appropriate solutions. In addition, for issues that include multiple family assets and more families, CITIC Bank can design plans of trust as "Money, Insurance and Estate Fund" to establish a platform of trust who is crossing life.

Assuring the insurance trust scheme, for example, by means of finance, parents can establish themselves as trust leaders, keep the guidance guidelines for insurance and trust insurance prices. using the right to change it, complete and complete the trust's activity. His & # 39; children to benefit from the trust's insurance, and according to the trust's activity, they can also agree the time insured to pay their payment, such as tuition fees, estate taxes, marriage payment or maternity allowance, etc. , until the fund is currently planned according to parents' wishes.

In addition, the CITIC Bank reminded that at least the finances of the financial management are chosen, it can be combined with a donation share of $ 2.2 million per annum to create a heritage plan in advance, and the next generation will allow part in the process and financial education guidance in a timely manner.

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