Take a happy home with your sweetheart, inviting friends to go to; Follow the scene to steal money


On 21/11, the unit from the Quaker District District (Dak Lak province) convened that the unit has just dropped a prosecution fee for the accused Nguyen Thi Thanh Mai (SN 1993, living in the village of 2 Hoa Xuan, Buon Ma Thuot) and Nan Byă (SN 1993, Ea M & #, droh, CuM, district district mark) for stolen possession.

Two girls put the place to a man who stole money (painted pictures)

Two girls put the place to a man who stole money (painted pictures)

According to their prejudice, at about 14 pm on July 22, H & # 39; Hân and Mai are seated at the Barber's May shop, YV (SN 1966, Ea Tar commune, Cu near district) a & # 39; H & H; CHAIR'S CHILDREN'S CHANGE HAN'S CHANGE to go to the inn because he also has his feelings.

At this time, H & # 39; Hân and Mai will talk to each other, when they go into the inn, they will put May sitting until they come next to the room and they will notice the cemeteries -based V. to steal possession.

Then, H & H; and Mrs. V. go to a H.T residence (Quang Phu, Cu M & y); Rent the room, with Ninh's information to Mai. When Mr V. and Hanna went to the room together, H & # 39 Hān quickly switched Mr V's car keys to throw her on the bed.

Two were informed to the restaurant, Mai entered the room and took the key to open the bar to bring a plastic bag of money within 150 million and go up to return the key. Later, Mai returned to her hairdresser to meet his cousin H & n? N Nang (SN 2002, Ea Nam commune, Ea Hs' leo) to Buon Ma Thuot's town to wait for H & # 39 ; Welcome.

H & # 39; Hân was about to finish work on Buon Ma Thuot's city and then 3 rented for dividing the money. Here, Mai and Hanna 39 will have a million, and H got it? Ng 14 million when he first asked the money, Mai said to those who were stolen.

The rest of 90 million, May is hidden in the base of his motorcycle, not for H & # 39; ng and H & # 39; Hân. Every three personal expenses are the total amount.

After searching for the event, find the authorities in the case that Nie's H & A; Understand that the building by May and Hell has been the result of crime but still receiving 14 million but at the time If the behaviors are over 15 years old, The act is not an offense, just an administrative penalty.

Thuy Diem

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