Take a step back and look at the Singapore Telecommunication Limited technical marks (SGX: Z74)


Share 5f Measure is calculated by FFF by; provides a five year standard cash flow of company, and divides it with the current enterprise value. Value Initiative is measured by taking a & # 39; market profit as well as debt, minority interest and their preferred departments, without cash and cash equivalents. The average FCF of a company is determined by looking at the money that comes from work. company. The Cash Flow Tax 5 Year Average Standard of Singapore Telecommunication Limited (SGX: Z74) 0.053094.

Typically making quiet choices is when it's & # 39; Building stock as a key priority for successful investors. For new investors with little market experience, this can be challenging. It can be able to determine how they begin to build on stock stocks much time and effort. When the individual investor decides that they want to manage their own care and to do so; doing their own crafts, the tour has just started. Many people will be encouraged to follow stock trading plans according to advice from friends, colleagues, or family members. Although specific plans may be worked for someone else, there is no promise that others will succeed. Researchers often need to do their own research to find out as much knowledge as possible before entering the markets.

It is a ratio in which; Price Index which reverts the share price of the department over time. Price 0.98089 is the pricing index of Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74). This is calculated by taking a & # 39; current share price and share with the # 39; Shared price per month If the ratio exceeds 1, this means that there is an increase in price over the month. If the ratio is less than 1, we can prove that there is a price reduction. In the same way, investors look up and down; shared price over 12 months. The Price 12m Index for Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74) is 0.89510.

Price Range 52 weeks

Some of the finest financial strategies are created by using a variety of financial tools. The Price Range is 52 weeks one of the tools that browsers use to complete; lowest and highest stock with trading stock in the previous 52 weeks. The Telecommunications Limited Limited Price (SGX: Z74) over the past 52 weeks is 0.811000. The 52-week range can be found in the stock summary.

The Current Account of Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74) is 0.87. The Current Account is used by investors to verify whether a company has a short and long-term debt payment. The current co-operation looks at all fluid and non-lease assets compared to current liabilities; company. There is a high resolution at this time to show that a & # 39; The company is operating their operating capital A low ratio (when current liabilities are higher than current resources) can show that problems may have a problem. company to pay their short-term duties.

Piñoski F Scheme is a scoring system between 1-9 which determines the company's financial strength. The score helps & # 39; confirm whether or not company stock is valuable. Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74) is Sgòr Piotroski F 4. A score of nine shows a very valuable stock, and one score is a identify low value stock. The score is calculated by means of the return of resources (ROA), the cash flow flow (CFROA) product, as a result of assets, and the quality of employment. It is also measured by a change in surrender or leverage, lending, and a change in sections in a case. The score is also set by a change in the total boundary and a change in asset change.

Score C (Montier)

The C-Score system is developed by James Montier who helps & # 39; verify whether a company is involved in authenticating their financial statements. The Sgòr-C is measured by a variety of objects, which includes a difference that is in a position; Increase in cash flow is a net income prize, what is growing day, sales of day shows; grow, increase property sales, decrease in depression, and a significant increase in assets. Sgòr-C de Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74) is 3.00000. The score areas on a scale of -1 to 6. If the score -1, there is insufficient information to determine the Score-C. If the number is zero (0), there is no proof of illegal books cooking, but a number of 6 show that there is unlawful work. The Scout-C helps investors in & # 39; Assess the likelihood of a company being quiz in the books.

It is a formula in the MF Rank (aka the Magic Formula) that is a Demonstrating the valuable importance of trading at a good price. The formula is calculated by looking at companies with a high yield of earnings as well as investing capital returns. The MF Rank of Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74) 7927. A low-level company is considered a good company to invest. The Magic Formula was included in a book written by Joel Greenblatt, entitled "The Little Book Distribution.

The One Common Value (VC1) is a way that investors use to determine the value of a company. VC1 of Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74) 37. A 0-valued company is regarded as an unprivileged company, although a 100-valued company is regarded as an invaluable company. The VC1 is used to use its & # 39; price for book value, sale price, EBITDA to EV, cost to cash flow, and price for employment. In the same way, the Two Value (VC2) is measured by the same ratios, but contributes to the Shareholder Department. The Common Value Two of Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74) 29.

Flexibility is the stock of percentages that indicate whether stock is desirable. Reservoirs will watch the 12m Volatility to find out if a company has a number of impurities or not oversight; year. The Volatility 12m of Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74) is 14.325600. This is calculated by returning weekly normal weeks and a standard tendency of the general price over one yearly year. Below the number, the company is considered to be the lowest. The Volatility is 3m as the same percentage as is authenticated by its daily registration as a # 39; return and the normal tendency of the general price over 3 months. The Volatility 3m of Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74) is 19.101700. The Volatility 6m is the same, but is only measured over six months. The Volatility is 6m 17.821000.

SMA 50/200:

Have you ever wondered how owners share a shared price shift? The 50/200 SMA Cross, also known as the "Gold Cross" is the fifty-day average divided by the frequency of two hundred days. SMA 50/200 for Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74) is currently 0.96339. If the Gold Cross is more than 1, the 50-day motion average is higher than its 200-day motion – a & # 39; show a good shared share speed. If the Gold Cross is less than 1, the 50-day movable average is lower than average 200 days, show that its price may fall.

There are so many different aspects of the face when trying to trade on its & # 39; stock market. With all the information available, it can be difficult to try to raise awareness of everything. Investors who are able to prioritize useful data can be able to make better picture-making decisions. Even when the research is done and the numbers are declining, investments may still be raped by their hard decision on when they buy a special opportunity. Being able to do their best and to be prepared can be a great resource when a serious situation is enacted. You can know when a pounce has made an opportunity to be as important as to understand when you can; leave bad trade. As people, investors are always liable to make mistakes. Investors who are able to recognize and learn from these mistakes can be in a much better position over the long term.

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