Take guns to solve conflict, three loyalists to court


The Nghe Department of Human Rights has served a criminal trial Phan Van Tho (aged 20 years) living in the Chau Quang, Quy Hop district, Nghe Department; Tran Xuan Hieu (age 17) lives in Quy Hop Town, Quy Hop District, Nghe An Province and Thai Huy Cuong (17 years) in Chau Thai Commune, Quy Hop District , Nghe An Province. At this time, 3 students were arrested, Cuong and Hieu were 11th grade students.

picture 1Cuong, Tho and Hieu during the test

According to their prejudice, on November 17, 2017, Cuong and Pham Son Nin (18 years old) lived in Nghia Xuan Commune, Quy Hop District.

Before going, Cuong invited Tho and Hieu. In 2016, Tho bought two handsets and was stored at home. You know that you are carrying guns but do not put Cuong and Hieu stop.

When he arrived, he saw Ho Van Minh and some other relatives about us. blocked him, Cuong returned to the town to wait for Hieu and Tho. When they arrived, Tho jumped and spit on each other and fled to the group that was in the middle. fighting, causing Bad Minh to be badly injured.

After that, a Minh group followed the Cuong group but a firearm was disturbed and re-used. Minh was in hospital and 12% were injured. At the hearing, Cuong, Tho and Hieu expressed their crime.

After the incident, the family of three subjects was responsible for compensation and compensation for Ho Van Minh 65 million. At the exam, Minh also asked the Panel to reduce the penalty for Cuong, Tho and Hieu.

After a review, the Panel sentenced to Phan Van Tho to 13 years in prison, Thai Huy Cuong 4 years in prison, Tran Xuan Hieu 4 years in prison for murder.

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