Take note, at night, the first snow of snow comes


Today, a part of Shlovakia is already covered by snow, and that will continue to rise in the interior of the country, telling predictors of weather. So the road is no longer known. Winter equipment is needed, although some have not been careful even though it was time to November 15.

In the middle of Shlovakia, according to the republic of weather scientists at the Environmental Organization of the Slovak Republic (Arso) Uroš Stranar with about 10 centimeters of snow, and up to 20 centimeters in the highest.

On Tuesday, according to Arctic, expecting severe winter conditions can be expected at the top of the morning, and are slightly tighter during the day. Future days, according to the words of Stranar, are dry, may be expected again at the end of the week.

snow road


The first snow roads in Slovenia #video

There are late drivers in changing tires

From November 15 to March 15, according to the law of the vehicle, winter equipment must be fitted, but not all drivers still have; take care of it. According to Ljubljana Autohouse, snow rescuers already change winter tires at winter tires all day long.

"The boys have been working full-time for the weeks, and we're changing tires all day long. We've got a lot of calls today, but we were disappointed because We're all happy for Thursday, "they said in that situation.

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In some parts of Slovenia there is already #photo snow

In the same way, in the company Avootestoport Zupančič Novo mesto, they say that the delay is to # Driving winter tires, even though they have snow, there's nothing new.

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