Take steps against informal work and homework protection


Labor and Social Welfare, Nicolás Mönckeberg, called on almost 50,000 employers who did not record private staff contracts still, after taking part in a meeting with different groups in the department and they first named the investigation campaign.

In the working framework of the National Day of Castlebar, which is remembered on November 21, Minister Nicolás Mönckeberg, from 2015, states the date on which the contract is responsible for recording, there are 240,000 employees doing so, still about 50 miles. According to INE data, there are more than 289,000 staff in the department. That is, there is a high degree of informality that needs to be corrected.

The government authority identifies a series of steps, which are intended to fight the informal work of homeworkers and have a specific control plan, and # 39; Should the beneficiaries of their bills be a? Creating the Common Nursery School and the delivery of vocational training scholarships throughout the Sence.

Regarding the objections presented to the DT, in 2017 they reached 1,122, and in October they are all in 601. The Metropolitan area is listed by 287 and subsequently Los Lagos (65) and Valparaíso (47).

The listed list of cases is directed by Other Other – where it is included Protection of the lives of employees and health, Maternity protection, work incapacity, working hours, bankruptcy, governments, free- days and annual permits, employers' requirements, foundations of rights among other matters – with (38.4%), Benefits (19.7%), Salaries (8.9%), Ratings (8.8%) and Labor Contract (8.3%).

Typically, domestic and domestic domestic violence are burning and psychological illnesses.

In terms of fine, during 2015 there were 1,590; in 2016 they reached 199; in 2017 to 156 and 2018 to 105. In this subject, b & # 39; It is the most common sanctions not to comply with DFL 2 of the Labor Ministry (37), with Recital (34), Amazing times (33) and the new provisions of Law 20,786 (21) .

"I call to end the bad habits that cost those who care for our children, which are part of the home's daily, who is entitled to a safe, honorable, social security contract, "stressed Minister Nicolás Mönckeberg.

However, the Minister Mönckeberg said that he has already asked the DT to take action to protect standards of work to spread domestic workers, to encourage and monitor surrender. In this framework, audio support material will be prepared for staff and employers, and proactive monitoring processes will be planned and implemented, and agreements and alliances will be implemented with other services that & # 39; help to implement them.

At the same time, informative materials about homeworker rights in the Regional Labor Directors on the country were distributed through November.

On the event, the authorities and staff discussed the Law implementation of 20,786, which became effective in January 2015, with the requirement not to " dressing in public places, contracting contracts with Labor Directorate (onlinehttp://www.dt.gob.cl), and the reduction in working hours, among others. If it needs to be a breach to the normal, the fees are to be paid; comes from 1 ($ 48,160) to 10 UTM ($ 481,600) for all irregularities found.

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