Take your hair with horns found at your former wife's flagstone base


Wednesday 28/11/2018 08:21 AM (GMT + 7)

After a divorced divorce, I and my marriages and I had a close relationship and expected to go back. But I found the horror at the bottom of my wife's mattress, and # 39; make me skip.

Phuong and I met each other by working with friends usually. At first I did not scratch because Phuong is a child and aggressive. However, "the fire is near long and sharp straw," a & # 39; playing together in a group of friends, often meeting each other and in the # 39; appropriate context, I and she also will open her & # 39; heart and going to unraveling.

Our wedding was happening a year later in the blessings of our parents and friends. However, the "five-year-old" emergency "after hearing" after being unforgivated with their skills will remain uncomfortable to the entrants to push the two away from each other. The conflicts of a & Continuing continuously, causing the young couple to fight, in any way.

A hairstyle was found with ties at the base of the printing of an old lady

After a while of evacuation, we will always in opposition. Artwork

It is worth saying that we are currently becoming completely different parents of mind, but Phuong is still as child as he was before. When I was in love, sometimes I felt that it was the fascinating species of the enemy; and so it was too big after marriage to make me tired.

And every time her couple are angry, her behavior is very strange. She often bites her in her arms to go to her; bleed itself to pollute itself, and & # 39; tortured me. Seeing my ignorance to & # 39; Bring me something, I was busy.

Often I was scared. A girl was born, initially thinking like a link to her; love to connect young parents. But then not everyone still gets self care, now a new spirit has been raised with the problem; when children rise.

I and Phuong come to a decision that they liberate each other. His opinion is that he is happy to be free, but I'm sorry. I understand quickly that I'm too tired with my wife and my family.

Find a hair style with horns at an old lady cabinet base 3

A walking or a & # 39; I was afraid I was. Artwork

To help me to get out of this situation, I spent some time quietly and I went to; going to live on some other girls. Only through many events with some things, they find too heavy stuff and so I travel slowly. Huge, look back on her & # 39; First marriage, I also found a lot of mistakes. My nature is still heartless and self-conscious, just think about your own feelings. During a woman's time, I still want to go to # 39; play the drink until late at night.

It is even true that Phuong has symptoms of depression at the time of his / her; war and after, how to bite her hand to blood and not to; I stopped being crying, but sometimes I was tired of being & # 39; Look at you but just like to be friends with Friends I should be with you again, listening to me to the show department. Not the best thing I should do is I'm giving psychologist to help me during the crisis, I can not do it and let's get rid of it.

When both of us spend time together and their; Thinking about this relationship, we have agreed to deliver our individual characters, and # 39; equipping each other. We come back together in a salty enjoyment, like a wedding. The couple try to take off a couple of weeks, register their wedding and take a month-old again.

But in one out looking for lost tricks, suddenly I got something in my way.

It's a sewing fur, a & # 39; write a royal word – my name, on a string. The gillie was dragged by his mouth, filled the scene with terror, and filled the whole body with a needle, even in the middle of the huge legs of the sheep.

I feel cold. Even after the divorce, I did not meet anything unlucky but the idea is that; I have heard Phuong's voice, curse, love, scared me.

But I'm also worried if I am now bankrupt if she has stated she is doing something tough, foolish or not. Will my spouse have my mental illness? Should I continue this connection or have I got a solution?

I think there are not two children in the & # 39; inside after seeing this

I was born and grew up in a poor country. Do not want to suffer poverty as the people of this country, after good …

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