"Talk about": the unread published song of Cerati published in "Bios: Life that you have indicated"


On Sunday night, Nat Geo released a new "Bios: Life that you celebrate", a program by Gustavo Cerati and Javiera Mena as the person overlooking the documentary interview.

A two-part chapter that reviewed the life of the Stereo Soda from childhood to her / her; His own album "Fuerza Natural" (2009). A historical use that included the first person's first-class illustrations and interviewing key people such as his mother, Lillian Clarke, sister Laura Cerati, Benitos and Lisa Cerati, Zeta Bosio, Charly Alberti, and Adrián Taverna (sound engineer), among others.

But there was a certainty to amaze everyone: Ana Saint Jean, the lover who has a singer Stereo Soda. In a conversation with Javiera Mena, he was the musician; formerly the Argentine musician who was in charge of one of the highest moments of the biography by generating unpublished material of Cerati. In particular, an unexplained song made by the musician for himself when they were right.

"Talk about" the name of the subject lasting about a half minutes and was not in the final selection of the first album of the Argentinian series It was published in 1984 that he did not spend his / her; broadcast to be the first record of Soda Stereo published in 1984. Recording that Javier Mena heard of stereo workers and that everyone who saw "Bios: A Life that marked you "enjoy.

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