Tallis: This is how Tito Fernández worked with the genre department


Last September, a series of solvents came to light sexual abuse the face of the singer-writer Tito Fernández, "The Temucano", which would be proved in the context of spiritual division he had commanded.

As described in a broad report The Clinic, b "e" Tallis " on this section and it was developed within a framework of meetings of the Integral Center for Metaphysical Science that Fernández was a good tutor.

After going to a & # 39; First workshops, the women went to get into a secret club "Tallis", where they had to provide sexual services to "El Temucano" "for the reason that he could be willing to be a light to the world".

"He tells me that I had the job I had to give my teacher my sexual rights, I remember that I was feeling a penny in her & # 39 ; body, but I can not prove: It was the teacher! ", Reciting one of the victims by e-mail to his secret meeting here.

The image raised by Tito Fernández by himself in these speeches raised the students who perceived it was uncertain and wise. , which he needs to take care of at all times. "I was feeling, by telling him, that he would light candles and that I would like to be good, I was greatly regarded as a father, as my teacher, I realized it was a spiritual sacrifice, and later, it became my Tata, the oldest father, "he added to this woman.

The hotel with Toesca

Once b & # 39; It was "Tallis", the women were cited to amazing meetings where they needed to serve with skizs when they asked Fernandez. There he played them edit the source]That did include a & # 39; affecting their private parts with a sword.

When the activity was over, the musician personally sent them to establish a meeting motel in the Army with Toesca street, where the "power movement" would be completed.

"He wanted me, because I was a dancer, who was taking away my clothes in a normal way and I did not come out, I could not worked, and put me in the raid, he did not care, he did not have a lovely activity. " , anything else, "recites another man of the victims.

The women had to keep up seven sexual events by being united with "the blue tree", a concept by which Fernandez impeded the people who suffered him.

"There was always a doubt if I was to blame it for any reason, or if the old man was really bad and unstable." The fourth time, tell me, with great respect, I did not; I felt like I was going to not; He fulfilled that dedication for me. He replied that this meeting had to happen, because we were already there, that the fourth time was the most important thing, since he sailed the union with his / her; blue ribbon, "he said to the third victim who is present in this report.

Threats and ban

The misdivisions that were reported in 2010 occurred according to the report. Today, the dangers against our victims continue to continue. Once the contributor knew that, Fernández's ring began to; frighten the women, they say. Even one of them was received in the last weeks of the Word of Pope, carved by black scouts.

According to The Clinic, writer-songwriter Juan Carlos Sepúlveda said "At this time my client will not answer questions about the case".

When the complaints were heard, Fernandez himself said: "I do not have the least idea, because that was not, I can not think of it, I do not know much about the people who participate. .

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