Tamer Hosny sends a message to a message; announces film director Spiderman


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Tamer Hosny sends a message to & # 39; announces film director Spiderman, announcing the organization's site on Sunday 18 November 2018.

Tamer Hosny conducts a funny song by Rani Al Khatib, director of the sound of the international film "Anto the Spider Fares" from the series of famous Spiderman films, which Tamer Hosni put forward for the sound of performance "Peter Parker "in the film for the Arabic version

With Columbia, Sony, Ampere and Disney, film producers, who will be released in all cinemas on December 13.

"Anto the Spider-Vers" play

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Star Tamer Hosny, led by Rani Khatib, chairman of the board of chief executives for work to do; dubbed the film, and the technical representative Marco Atif.

Mohammed Hani, Hisham Al Shazly, Tala Turkan and Emirati Abdullah Al Jneibi artist participates in the film. The film is compiled by Columbia, Sony, Amper and Disney.

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